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Setup Steps Checklist



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Setup Steps Checklist

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Setting up DonorWise involves a lot of steps, some big, some small. Not all of them are required for the system to run. This checklist is designed to cover "from A to Z" all of the steps in downloading, installing, setting up, and using DonorWise.

At the bottom of this help topic, you can see a step-by-step list of the DonorWise steps, with a link to each help topic that relates to that step. You can use either checklist or both, depending on your need.


Go to and select the <Sign In> link in the top right.

Create a new login if you do not have one. (We recommend using The Key.)

Select the Downloads link and download the latest version.

The following things happen automatically in the installation process:

DonorWise downloads the installation package

The installation package installs the Google Chrome tool for running the Forum

The installation package downloads and installs the underlying database, Microsoft SQL Server. During this installation process, you will need to create an "sa" (system administrator) password. Be sure to write this down! You will need this password to create the new database.

The installation package downloads and installs the F1 help manual.

Create a new database (we recommend dw_ministryname)

Create yourself as a user

Assign yourself to all roles using "Manage Users"

Initial Setup

Many of these steps are found in the Setup Wizard that appears on the right side of the screen in a new DonorWise database.

Identify the payment types your ministry accepts (or change the default types to match your needs).

Select Integrated GL Options (DonorWise only integrates with Microsoft Dynamics SL)

Define your currency or currencies

Define your Chart of Accounts and Responsibility Centres

If your database is already integrated with Dynamics, then the current COA/RC lists will already appear.

If you are going to integrate now, then proceed with the integration, exit DonorWise and login again.

If you will integrate later, you will need to enter some COA numbers and paste all RCs. Subsequent setup steps require certain COA/RCs.

At minimum, the following Accounts are required (even if they are entered manually, temporarily, prior to integration):

Suspense account* (*Add Suspense account to your General Ledger)

Clearing account* (*Add Bank Clearing account to your General Ledger)

Staff donation account (40xx)

Ministry donation account (41xx)

At least one "Other Revenue" account such as Material Sales, Conference Registration, "Other Revenue", etc.

Responsibility Centres are required to create designations. Using your Excel list of RCs, copy them in Excel and paste in the RC tab. (Tip: Copy just the RC and description cells. In DonorWise, put your cursor in the large blank area of the screen, right click and select "Paste Records to Grid".

Define Assessment Schemes

Most ministries have two or three different assessment schemes, one for STAFF and one for MINISTRY. Enter the name and description in the top area. Then click in the Distribution box below and select the RC and % distribution. Click Save, then go back up and enter the next assessment scheme.

Complete the System Setup options (as found in Tools | System Setup)

Review Security tab (usually no changes required)

Review Reports tab (only used if you are using DonorWise in a different language and want language-specific reports)

Review Contact tab (ensure that your country is in the boxes)

Review General Ledger tab (select your Base Currency)

Review Designation tab (select default GL accounts and assessment schemes for new designations)

Select auto-resolving suspense designation (typically a General Fund or General Staff Fund--you may not be able to do this until you have actually created that designation)

Review Receipting tab

uncheck "Require receipting every period" unless you intend to send receipts every month

update the <News Message> that will print on your receipts

Change your ministry logo (to be printed on receipts)

Review Journal tab

Select the 5 accounts used

Review Donations tab (uncheck "Force printing of original batch transaction report" if you do not intend to keep paper copies of your batches)

Ignore Plugins tab (there are no plugins available at this time)

Add Designations

The first contacts to add to your database are generally the Designations. The best "first" contact is your General Fund (for most organizations) or General Staff Fund (for missionary agencies). The first contact is automatically assigned Contact ID 10071. You can either import your designations from an Excel file or manually add them, whichever is easier for you. Designations need to be added before gifts can be given to them (unlike donors, which can be added at the moment the batches are created).

On the Designation tab, assign each designation to the appropriate Responsibility Centre.

Create and Import Historical Batch. All designations in the historical batch must be contacts in your database; however they do not need to be active designations with an RC, assessment scheme, etc.

Start the First Open Period

<Update the 13 Month Table> (button) to create the 13-month table; this table is used to print receipts with history, so you cannot run receipts until the 13-month table exists.


Create TntMPD.DataServer database.

Sync with Web-hosted database (if you already have one)

Walk through System Setup steps

Connect DonorWise as the data source

Add ministry logo to Staff Portal and Give Site setup (Tools | System Setup). This is the logo that appears both in the TntMPD download box and the web sites.

Add web users

Assign unique Registration Code to each web user

Assign designations

Assign RCs to financial reports

Inform your staff members how to connect to your ministry

Send staff the reference guide "Connect Your Staff to TntMPD".

All staff members will a login to The Key. That is the only authentication that works (even though the page may say facebook).

Include your Give Site URL for them to go to the first time (they can also do this by clicking your ministry logo in the Gift Input box of TntMPD).

They have to walk through the registration process one time.

Technical Setup Steps just for DonorWise

The above checklist is designed to be a comprehensive checklist of all of the steps you might follow to install all of the TntWare products (DonorWise, TntMPD.DataServer, and TntMPD). This step-by-step list below covers the same items, but is focused just on the DonorWise items, and links with the specific help topics for each of the steps.

1.Log into DonorWise for the first time, and Enter ministry name as the "Me" contact

Read More > The "Me" Contact

2.Perform Setup Tasks from checklist on the right (using the Setup Questionnaire)

a.Read More > Define / Manage Payment Types

b.Read More > Integrated GL Options

c.Read More > Define Currencies

d.Read More > Define Chart of Accounts & Responsibility Centres

e.Read More > Define Assessment Schemes

f.Read More > Complete System Setup tab options

i.Read More > Security Tab

ii.Read More > Reports Tab

iii.Read More > Contact Tab

iv.Read More > General Ledger tab

v.Read More > Designation Tab

vi.Read More > Receipting Tab

vii.Read More > Journal Tab

viii.Read More > Donations Tab

ix.Read More > Plugins Tab

g.Read More > Manage / Add Users

3.Read More > Import Contacts

4.Read More > Create Designations

5.Read More > Build Ministry Tree

6.Read More > Create Historical Batch

7.Read More > Import Historical Batch

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