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Journal Tab

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The Journal Tab defines how automatic journal entries are handled.


Post journals in detail

This option is checked by default. This means that every donation in a DonorWise batch will appear as an item in the journal to be posted to the General ledger. The advantage of posting journals in detail is that the donor name can appear in the GL description and on General ledger reports. However, this level of detail is not usually needed on General ledger reports, and staff members will typically receive their detailed donation reports from DonorWise.

De-selecting this will mean that donations will be summarized by batch per designation. The advantage of this is fewer transactions in the General ledger. This might be appropriate for small ministries that may want to create only one batch per month and summarize the entire month's activity to one journal transaction per designation. Large Ministries with many donations per designation may also wish to summarize.

Note: Solomon General ledger is not a Unicode-compliant accounting system. This means that if you are using non-Latin characters in your data-entry, these characters will cause errors if posted to a General ledger Journal. Therefore, DonorWise will not allow journals to be posted in detail when it detects that the characters in the Journal Name field are not based on Latin. The journal name field becomes part of the description in the journal when posting in detail. If you are using non-Latin extended characters in your data-entry, choose the “no” option for posting journals in detail.

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Warn about converting non-Latin donor journal names (when posting to GL)

Because Solomon General Ledger will not accept non-Latin names (but DonorWise will), DonorWise can alert you when a journal will post to Solomon with non-Latin characters.

This option is not relevant if you do not post journals in detail. Therefore, it will not appear if the <Post Donations in Detail> checkbox is not checked.

Allow internal transfers between active designations

Some ministries allow staff members to transfer funds to other staff members or ministries as donations. This option turns that feature on in DonorWise, allowing exclusive transfer batches to be prepared.

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Identify the General ledger accounts for use in the link with your General ledger. If you use an integrated General ledger, these accounts are used in the seamless connection. If you do not use an integrated General ledger, these accounts will be used for your export file (for importing into your General ledger) or printing (for hand-entry into your General ledger).


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