Providing powerful tools to send fully funded laborers into the harvest!


DonorHub® is a new cloud-based integration service, fully managed by TntWare, that delivers donation information from an organization's donation system to many popular support raising tools used by their staff.

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Fully Managed

We integrate DonorHub with your donation system, and we maintain that integration. TntWare does all the work, and we ensure reliable service!

Fully Tested

DonorHub is built on the foundation of TntWare applications that have stood the test of time, and have proven to be reliable and secure.

Fully Flexible

DonorHub gives you flexibility as an organization to change donation systems without having to force your staff to change support raising tools.

Fully Funded Staff

Your missionary staff will be notified of new gifts directly within their support raising tool. This way they can thank their partners more quickly.

DonorHub is for your organization!

DonorHub was designed for your organization. It is the culmination of years of careful thought and observation. We believe that one of the most strategic operational gaps in modern missions has to do with empowering missionaries with the best support raising tools available. DonorHub fills in this gap and helps your organization equip and send fully funded laborers into the harvest!

Compatible Support Raising Tools

More are on the way, so please ask if you don't see yours!

DonorHub Pricing

Discounted Pricing for Our Preferred Donation Systems

NOTE:  If your organizations uses one of our preferred donation systems, DonorHub can be as low as $10/month per user for a small church or organization.

Base Pricing

  • Our preferred sources of donation data:
    • Aplos
    • Blackbaud RE NXT
    • Bloomerang
    • Breeze
    • Church Community Builder
    • Cornerstone Payments
    • Denari2
    • Donorbox
    • Donorfy
    • DonorPerfect
    • GivingFuel
    • Kindful
    • Kommunion Cornerstone
    • Neon CRM
    • Planning Center Giving
    • Pushpay
    • QuickBooks Online
    • REACH
    • Stewardship Technology
    • Giving
    • ChMS
    • Virtuous
    • For our preferred sources of donation data:
      • [$60/month + $1/user/month] or [$10/user/month] (whichever is less)

  • For all other sources of donation data:
    • $65/month + $1/user/month

Account Report Pricing (optional)

  • Our preferred sources of accounting data:
    • Blackbaud FE NXT
    • Aplos
    • QuickBooks Online

    • For our preferred sources of accounting data:
      • $30/month (flat fee)

  • For all other sources of accounting data:
    • $35/month (flat fee)

"TntConnect is one of the very best tools out there. That is why we recommend it everywhere we go and with every group we train."
— Steve Shadrach, Founder,


TntWare offers several products to help your organization equip and send fully funded laborers into the harvest!

  • TntConnect
  • A support raising tool for building powerful connections for a lifetime of fully funded ministry.
  • Available in 15 languages and supports multiple currencies and cultures. (formerly called TntMPD)
  • Easy Install on Windows or Mac
  • FREE
  • DonorHub®
  • A cloud service to help your organization equip your staff with the very best support raising tools.
  • Integrates with just about any donation system and empowers most popular support raising tools.
  • Fully Managed Cloud Service
  • Starting at $65 per Month
  • DonorWise
  • Donation processing with enhanced communication with donors and enhanced ministry credibility.
  • Focused on meeting the core donation processing needs of small to midsize mission organizations.
  • Installs on Windows
  • FREE

 Just Space

"I consider it my privilege to equip you with excellent tools designed to help you raise the funds you need to be effective in ministry and reach people for Christ."
— Troy Wolbrink, Director of TntWare, Inc.

TntWare started out in 1997 as Troy Wolbrink's hobby, so that he could be more organized while raising a personal support team. Today more than 500 mission organizations and 12,000 missionaries use his software.

One of the reasons Troy and his wife Tammy are so passionate about TntWare is that they use it personally. Troy and Tammy use TntConnect to help raise their financial support as missionaries with Global Service Network. The ministry of Global Service Network has standardized on TntWare tools (DonorWise and DonorHub) to process donations and electronically deliver that information to their missionaries (as an electronic report that shows up directly in TntConnect).

Because our financial support team has paid for our time to develop TntConnect, it is our privilege to bless you with this tool as a free gift. In return, if you were to consider investing in our ministry with Global Service Network, we'd be truly honored.

Please note: For technical support of our free products, please start with the appropriate community forum.