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About DonorWise

DonorWise was developed by Troy Wolbrink and is the second member of the TntWare family.  Since it's introduction in 2004, it's been adopted by hundreds of mission organizations.  DonorWise is focused on helping small to midsize mission organizations track donations and donor information in a way that helps not only the finance team, but also the fund developers.  DonorWise works "hand in glove" with support raising tools like TntConnect and MPDX.

One of the reasons we are so passionate about DonorWise is that we are beneficiaries of it.  Troy Wolbrink has developed a personal support team, as a missionary with Global Service Network, to pay for his time to develop and maintain DonorWise.  And Global Service Network uses DonorWise to process our donations, as well as DonorHub (another TntWare tool) to deliver donation information to their missionaries.

Because our financial support team has paid for our time to develop DonorWise, it is our privilege to bless you with DonorWise as a free gift. In return, if you were to consider investing in our ministry with Global Service Network, we'd be truly honored.

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