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Creating / Editing a Designation



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Creating / Editing a Designation

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Any contact (either a staff member or non-staff department/project) can be made into a designation. The contact must be created first, since the Designation tab does not appear outside of the View Contacts screen.

This topic is available on video!

View > Video: Adding a New Contact

You can also import all of your designations if you have them in an Excel. This can be a significant time saver if you have many designations to create.

Read More > Import Designations

Creating a designation

1.To set up a designation, use the View Contacts screen.

2.Select the contact that should be made into a designation (in this example, Fernandez, Carlos y Rosa)

3.Press the <Make a designation> button.

4.The <New Designation> box will appear.

5.Fill in the appropriate information.


The contact's name. You can also select a different contact by searching here.


Responsibility Centre this designation will be associated with. The default values will differ depending on whether this contact is a person or an organization.

Default Donation GL Account

Which type of revenue this designation will receive. The proper values are 40xx for staff and 41xx for ministries.

Assessment Scheme

What type of assessment will be incurred on contributions to this designation.

Global Designation Code

Enter a global designation code if one exists. This is the staff designation number use by the World Headquarters. Not all staff have one.

Designation Type

Select the designation type as previously established in the System Setup.


What ministry this designation will be associated with. This step can be completed later and perhaps more easily using the Ministry Tree screen.

Read More > Ministry Tree

Accept this designation and go back to the Designation Tab.

Accept this designation and assign another designation.

Unmaking a designation

Once a designation has been created, it can be "Unmade" if there are no gifts associated with it. Once a designation has gifts, it will always be a designation; to make it inactive (unable to post received gifts), you can redirect it.

Read More > Redirecting Designations

Editing a designation

Designation information can be changed on the Designation Tab.

Comments on this Help Topic

Kelly Baker wrote re: Creating / Editing a Designation
on 2 Aug 2017 6:43 PM

I am having problems creating a new designation. I have added a new GL and new RC to correspond. And when I go to "make designation," the RC drop down allows me to select, but the GL drop down is blank. I just made sure I was running the latest updated version of DW, I restarted the software, and I am still having the error.

Troy Wolbrink wrote re: Creating / Editing a Designation
on 4 Aug 2017 7:13 PM

Hi Kelly, in the "GL Accounts and RCs" screen, you need to have some GL Accounts marked as "Donation" (check box) for them to be compatible and show up in the list of GL Accounts when you're setting up a Designation.  --Troy

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