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Name Date Downloads Comments
Contact Directory
This is a simple contact directory with name, mailing address, all phone numbers and preferred email...
28 Feb 2013 380 0
CSV donation report to TntConnect Datasync conversion tool
IMPORTANT NOTE: This tool is deprecated and starting with TntConnect 4.0.0 you will not be able...
12 Oct 2012 586 26
TntMPD Reference Guides (Updated Nov. 2012)
Twelve "quick reference guides" provide a quick, graphical overview of many of TntMPD's...
13 Sep 2009 1,394 0
TntMPD Tips (Updated Nov. 2012)
More than 50 Tips found in the TntMPD online help merged into one document. Reading these tips will...
28 Jul 2009 838 0
TntMPD Training Manual : Updated 2009-04-01
Release Date: April 1, 2009 Updated and Enhanced edition of the TntMPD Training Manual released...
6 Apr 2009 1,347 2
Convert from DonorManager
Import Donor Manager 5.54 data into TntMPD 2.0 r64. This is an advanced utility intended for use...
29 Mar 2009 308 6
Dealing With Gifts reference guide
Questions about handling gifts in TntMPD are very common, in particular, "unusual" gifts...
24 Feb 2009 403 1
TntMPD Training Manual
Release Date: January 31, 2009 This is the manual for the live training course. It is divided into...
31 Jan 2009 764 2
Photo Directory
This document creates a nice photo directory (2 columns, 10 rows per page). It requires TntMPD 2...
4 Dec 2008 471 2
Exploding TntMPD2 (Printable / English)
This is the printable PDF version of the online help.
14 Nov 2008 557 0
Simple Address Labels for TntMPD (SALT)
Helps you quickly and easily print out address labels without requiring the use of Microsoft Word...
18 Dec 2006 913 5
TntMPD Event Notifier (v14)
Helps you keep track of current events such as birthdays, anniversaries and tasks. Developed by...
11 Feb 2006 1,055 8
Mass Email Add-On for TntMPD (MEAT)
Helps you quickly and easily create a new mass email to a group of contacts using your favorite...
27 Jun 2005 622 0
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