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Dealing With Gifts reference guide from Bob!

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posted by Bob Mac Leod
24 Feb 2009

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Dealing With Gifts reference guide

Questions about handling gifts in TntMPD are very common, in particular, "unusual" gifts. For example, "We just had a baby and received a number of gifts like a stroller and diapers, etc. Can I record those in TntMPD?" Also, missionaries often send gifts to their ministry partners for their birthdays, weddings, and general thank you gifts, and want to know how they could record those outgoing gifts.

This reference guide gives ideas on how to handle more than a dozen different gift scenarios.


Alan Shea wrote re: Dealing With Gifts reference guide
on 21 Aug 2009 5:52 PM

This information is reproduced in the "TntMPD Tips" document along with other useful suggestions.

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