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TntMPD and Dropbox from Bob!

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posted by Bob Mac Leod
19 Aug 2013

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TntMPD and Dropbox

How to use Dropbox for Couples--when two people are using a TntMPD database in Dropbox at the same time. This short document describes (not in detail) how to create two separate databases that are side-by-side in the same Dropbox folder. This allows both to use TntMPD at the same time. Then use TntSync to merge changes together.


Troy Wolbrink wrote re: TntMPD and Dropbox
on 19 Aug 2013 5:33 PM

Nice explanation, Bob!  I've been using TntSync to keep my database in sync with my wife's computer since BEFORE TntMPD 1.0.  Nice to see it getting some attention.

Tonnie Krijger wrote re: TntMPD and Dropbox
on 12 Feb 2021 3:29 PM

This seems to work completely fine with OneDrive for Business (Sharepoint) as well.

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