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Transfer Batch Journal



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Transfer Batch Journal

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Transfer Journal in General Ledger

The journal entry for the General Ledger shows the funds being debited from the From: designations and credited to the To: designations.

Note the way DonorWise handles these journal entries:

1.In this ministry, the Transfer account is the same for both sides of the transaction. This will cause the transaction to appear as an income/negative income or expense/negative expense for both responsibility centres. The other option is to use an "Internal Transfer Income" and "Internal Transfer Expense" pair, where the transaction appears as an expense to the giver and income to the receiver. The net effect is, of course, the same.

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2.The normal description is "From [Journal Name] to [Journal Name]". DonorWise will attempt to use the Journal Name field from each contact, except for the following two circumstances, when the designation numbers will be substituted instead:

a.When the Journal Names are the same. (The Journal Name field is not required to be unique; even when a new contact is added, DonorWise may use a Journal Name that already exists if the first and last name of the contact is the same as another contact. This will also happen when two organization contacts start similarly (such as when two campus ministry designations share the same first 13 characters: "University of Monaco" and the "University of Monaco Scholarship").

b. When the combined journal names exceed 23 characters. The Journal Name field can be as large as 13 characters, so if two long journal names appear in the same description, both will be replaced with their respective contact IDs.

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