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Manage Payment Types



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Manage Payment Types

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Payment Types are the methods in which donations arrive. Four are defaulted. Except for the TRANSFER payment type, you can add, modify, or delete any of these payment types.

Because certain payment types may have a fee associated solely with that system (credit cards, for example), you can assign a special assessment scheme that would be used--in addition to a regular assessment--anytime the donation is made using that payment type.

Bank Transfer

The bank wires funds directly into your account.


Donations are received as cash.


In some countries, personal checks are used to deliver donations.

Credit Card

Typically Visa or MasterCard. These types of gifts usually have a vendor fee associated with them.

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When another organization (such as a church or foundation) serves as an intermediary between the donor and your organization, the donation is called a "Flow-Thru" donation. This is because the donation flows through the intermediary organization.

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This payment type is hard-coded into DonorWise and cannot be changed. It is the payment type used when transferring funds between designations (if that option is selected in the Setup).

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