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Programa de estudios para la capacitación



Programa de estudios para la capacitación

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Many people learn better by doing rather than reading. This training guide will give you hands-on instruction in the major features of TntMPD. There are 13 sections, and each section is designed to take approximately 30 minutes each. The final session is just a summary and action time.

In a classroom setting, each section is designed for about 15 minutes of instruction from the front, followed by 15 minutes of hands-on work for that specific topic. The instruction portion of each session is built entirely from parts of the help manual.

The most important sessions are the first 7. By covering these sections, a user can get a very good picture of the major components of TntMPD. Sessions 8-12 cover features that are used less frequently.

Session 1: Introduction

Session 2: Entering Contacts

Session 3: Contact Information

Pestaña Sesión 4: Desarrollo

Session 5: Gifts

Session 6: Tasks & History

Session 7: Lookups

Session 8: Saved Groups

Session 9: Appeal Tracking

Session 10: Analysis & Tools

Session 11: Mail Merge

Session 12: Misc Ideas

Session 13: Next Steps

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