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Paso a paso: Sincronizar archivos y carpetas



Paso a paso: Sincronizar archivos y carpetas

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Usar TntSync para sincronizar archivos y carpetas en la computadora

Puedes usar TntSync para mantener dos copias de un único archivo, carpeta, o archivos múltiples y carpetas. Puede ser especialmente útil para guardar copias de seguridad de archivos importantes y carpetas.

1.Ruta de menú: Herramientas | TntSync

TntSync is also available from your Windows programs folders.

2.Verás la herramienta TntSync, y la lista de archivos y carpetas estará en blanco.

3.Ruta de menú: Archivo | Añadir

Select Files and Folders

4.Browse for the Local and Remote paths.

Haz clic en el <Aceptar> botón.

You can also exclude a single folder from within a local or remote folder in the Excluded Path box.

5.También puedes sincronizar un solo archivo en vez de una carpeta.

6.Repeat this process to add all of the folders you wish to synchronize. Notice in this example how the TntMPD Database is first on the list, followed by the other folders to by synchronized. By putting the TntMPD database first, we ensure that it and its corresponding data files are synchronized prior to synchronizing the directory that the file is in.

7.El primer paso que lleva a cabo es verificar los directorios para ver cómo concuerdan.

8.Cuando hay un conflicto, TntSync te mostrará qué te propone que hagas.


The file exists in one folder but not in the other. TntSync will copy it over.


The file is newer on one folder than the other. TntSync will replace the older version with the newer version.


The file was deleted from one folder subsequent to the last synchronization. TntSync will delete the other copy.


Both files have been updated since the last sync. TntSync does not know what to do, so it will skip the step. You can either manually override the skip (by right-clicking and selecting what you do want TntSync to do), or synchronize anyway and keep the two files out of synchronization.

9.Haz clic en el <Sincr.> botón.

TntSync will perform the selected actions for each file.

Una nota sobre cómo TntSync sincroniza archivos y carpetas

TntSync can synchronize the contents of two TntMPD databases. For files, it can only replace an old copy with a newer version; it does not modify the contents of the files.

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