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Copias de seguridad



Copias de seguridad

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Because your TntMPD database is "mission critical", literally, critical to your mission, TntMPD performs automatic backups of your database when you:

Exit TntMPD (unless you turned that option off in the Options)

Log Group History

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Mass Change a Field

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Upgrade from a previous version 1.6 to 2.0 or 2.0 to 2.1, etc.

Importar los contactos de un archivo de texto

Definir la ubicación de la copia de seguridad

TntMPD will choose a backup location automatically, or you can specify the automatic backup location in your installation options. Once you set a location, that location will carry over even to future upgrades.

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Copias de seguridad manuales

Although TntMPD performs auto-backups as described above, you can manually backup your file.

Ruta de menú: Archivo | Copia de seguridad

Restituir una copia de seguridad

You can restore either a manual or auto-backup. TntMPD will browse to your backup folder and show you all of your recent backups, both manual and automatic.

Ruta de menú: Archivo | Restaurar

Copias de seguridad externas

Although TntMPD automatically backs up your database, it only backs up to your hard drive (by default). If your database is also on your hard drive, then your data is only as secure as your hard drive, either from crashing, theft, or act of God (e.g., fire). You should regularly back up your TntMPD database to an external location, such as a CD/DVD or a flash drive, so that you have a separate copy of your database.

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View > Video: Backup on Thumb Drive

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