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Cantidad del compromiso

If a contact's MPD Phase indicates they are a regular financial giver (“PARTNER-Financial”), then TntMPD compares their giving to their pledge commitment and offers assorted features:

Automatic Actions for New Gifts (TntMPD checks a gift when it is downloaded, and creates tasks for you if warranted)

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Pledge Fulfillment Report tells you the current status of each financial partner in relation to their pledge.

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Updates the Status Dot

Casilla de Progreso del apoyo en la Vista Análisis

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Frecuencias que se pueden asignar a los contactos:

Frequency Name

Frequency (in months)




gives pledge amount every month



gives pledge amount every other month



gives pledge amount every 3 months



gives pledge amount every 4 months



gives pledge amount every 6 months



gives pledge amount every 12 months



gives pledge amount every 24 months

It is not possible to assign semi-monthly or bi-weekly frequencies.

Realizar búsquedas y exportar en el campo Compromiso

When doing Lookups on the pledge field, TntMPD will provide a drop-down box with the frequencies in text form (such as monthly or annual). But when you export the Current Group, the pledge frequency will appear as a number (shown in the above table.

Al importar datos (por ejemplo, si importas los contactos y eliges importar el compromiso también), es necesario utilizar el equivalente numérico.

Consejo práctio: Compromiso recibido

When a potential partner makes a pledge but does not give you the first check, enter the pledge amount but do not check the Pledge Received check-box. When you enter the gift manually (when you receive the check), or when it is processed by the organization and downloaded (an EFT gift, for example), then TntMPD will automatically check the box and alert you that the partner has made their "FIRST" gift.

Having the Pledge Received box unchecked also makes certain this contact appears in the "Outstanding Pledges" box of the Pledge Fulfillment Report.

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Consejo práctio: Compromiso aumentado es un primer donativo

When a donor increases their pledge, enter the new amount, then uncheck the Pledge received box. TntMPD will alert you when the FIRST gift of this new pledge has arrived. This will also reset TntMPD's start date for the pledge and the way it computes the donor's Average Monthly. (This way, it does not take two years for their average to rise up to their current pledge amount.)

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Consejo práctio: Los que dan esporádicamente

A sporadic giver is a person who pledges a certain amount at a certain frequency, but is not faithful either in the amount or the frequency. Because of this, you may enter a pledge for them, but TntMPD will be continually reminding you that they are behind on their giving. Conversely, if you do not put a pledge amount, you will be alerted to send a thank you each time they give because TntMPD will regard their gift as a special gift (if you use Automatic Action for New Gifts). Frankly, there is no way around this.

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How TntMPD automatically checks the Pledge box in response to a first gift.

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For how TntMPD visually shows you a partner's status related to their pledge.

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