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Datos de resumen



Datos de resumen

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Datos de resumen

At the top right of the Contact View is a summary of each contact's MPD activity. This displays five items:

Send Newsletter

If the contact's "Send Newsletter" box is checked, an envelope will appear.

MPD Phase or Pledge

The MPD Phase is shown unless they are a financial partner. In that case, it shows their pledge amount and frequency.

Giving Status

A colored dot representing their status. A PARTNER-Financial will show no average until their first gift is received, even if the Pledge box is checked. See the table below for a description of each colored dot.

Average monthly gift

This average computes differently for financial partners (PARTNER-Financial MPD Phase) than for other MPD Phases. Financial partners are computer on the average associated with their pledge, while non-financial partners are computed on a straight 12-month average.

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Donor Number

If you download gifts from your organization, TntMPD will display the donor number(s) for this contact.




Light Blue

Financial partners: Pledge box unchecked and no gifts ever received.


Financial partners: Current on pledge.


Financial partners: Behind on pledge (30-60 days)


Financial partners: Behind on pledge (61 days or more)


Only contacts whose MPD Phase is not PARTNER-Financial

No gifts in the last 12 months.

Dark Purple

Only contacts whose MPD Phase is not PARTNER-Financial

Gave a gift in the last 6 months.

Light Purple

Only contacts whose MPD Phase is not PARTNER-Financial

Gave a gift 6-12 months ago.

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