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Acción automática para nuevos donativos



Acción automática para nuevos donativos

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Automatic Action for New Gifts works whether you download gifts from your organization or you manually enter them. TntMPD analyzes each gift and compares it to what you have identified as normal for that contact (based on both their MPD Phase and their pledge amount/frequency). If the gift equals the pledge amount and they are current on their pledge, no auto task is created.

Todas las cajas en la Pestaña Desarrollo son marcadas por defecto.

The following automatic actions only occur for contacts who are PARTNER-Financial


A task is created when a pledged partner gifts a gift more than X months (typically 2) since their last gift.


This task actually appears as thank for EXTRA gift. It's important to understand that this task is generated every time a partner's gift is MORE than their pledged amount. However, if they are a $25 monthly donor and they miss a month then give $50, TntMPD will not regard that as EXTRA because that donor's gift is within their defined giving.

Large Time Frame

When a donor's scheduled gift is X months or more, it's prudent to send a thank you every time they give.

First Gift

When a contact is marked as having a pledge but the pledge received box is unchecked, when the first gift is received a task is generated. The task will be generated no matter what the amount, even if it does not match the pledge commitment.


Related to the above, TntMPD will automatically check the Pledge Received box.

Delayed Thank You

Thank contact who has not been thanked in some time.

Many contacts give faithfully and consistently (in amount), and as a result do not generate any other thank you. But thanking our partners regularly is very wise and shows our gratitude for their partnership. When TntMPD checks giving, it will create a new thank you task for any partner who has not received a thank you within the specified months.

Research smaller amount

TntMPD cannot interpret why a donor may give below their pledged commitment, so this thank you task alerts you of the smaller gift. This could be a special gift, an extra gift, or an indication they have reduced their commitment. It is up to you to find out why.

Call delinquent contact

Historically, you had to review the "Pledge Fulfillment Report" to find donors who were behind in their commitments. Now TntMPD helps automate that by adding these contacts to your task list once each month they are more than 30 days late.

The following automatic action only occurs for a partner whose MPD phase is NOT Partner-Financial.


Any time a non-PARTNER-Financial contact gives a gift, a thank you task is created.


Consejo práctio: Tareas de agradecimiento creadas manualmente

When you manually create a gift task (such as a Thank for a physical gift), word it just like the normal, automatically generated task. This will maintain consistency with other tasks.

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