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Next Ask


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Next Ask

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The Next Ask box is for assigning a future ask date to a contact. If you move your cursor over the words Next Ask, you will see the letters change color and the cursor becomes a hand.

Click once and a calendar will appear, enabling you to select a date, and even a time. Doing so allows you to utilize your “Next Ask” lookup. However, it does not put an ask/call in your task list or schedule. (This is a handy feature if you are making a lot of calls and continually refreshing your Call for Appts lookup.)

Other options on the Next Ask screen include the ability to check on or off a specific time. For example, if you are scheduling an ask for 6 months from now, it may not need to be done at exactly 2:01:25 pm.

You can also select Never ask for a contact, either from here or from the TNT Tab. An example of this may be a monthly partner who has indicated they do not want to be asked for special gifts. Or it may be a person who gets your letter but does not want to give financially. If you check the Never box here, the calendar will disappear; the Never Ask box will also be checked on the TNT Tab.

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