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What is DonorHub Online? from Bob!

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It is our pleasure to provide this software free of charge to help you in your ministry.  We're so thankful for our partners who make this possible!

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Troy Wolbrink
on 2 Oct 2017
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What is DonorHub Online?

DonorHub Online is a cloud-based service offered by TntWare designed to help flow donation information from your organization's accounting and donation systems into tools like TntConnect and MPDX.  There's a small monthly fee, but it's so well worth it since you'll never have to manually type or import donations into TntConnect ever again.

With DonorHub Online, all you have to do to check on new gifts is click the "Gift Input" button.  You'll be able to for new gifts every day!

To learn more about DonorHub Online, check out:

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