DonorHub ®
Bridging the information gap between you and your staff...


What is DonorHub?

DonorHub® is a cloud service, fully managed by TntWare, that delivers information from your church's or mission organization's donation and accounting systems to your staff.  This way your staff can take full advantage of great support raising tools like TntConnect and MPDX without having to manually enter donations.  They can also answer their own questions about their staff account with an online report which lets them know their current balance and recent transactions.  The data flows from your organization's systems automatically so for all this benefit, you add zero work to your office staff.

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Fully Managed

Fully Tested

We integrate DonorHub Online with your donation system, and we maintain that integration. TntWare does all the work, and we ensure reliable service! DonorHub Online is built on the foundation of TntWare applications that have stood the test of time, and have proven to be reliable and secure.

Fully Flexible

Fully Funded Staff

DonorHub Online gives you flexibility as an organization to change donation systems without having to force your staff to change support raising tools. Your missionary staff will be notified of new gifts directly within their support raising tool. This way they can thank their partners more quickly.


  • Staff Portal (demo) which can include the Account Report (demo).
  • Seamless integration of donation data from your organization's donation system to compatible support raising tools.


  • The cost is $65/month, plus $1/month for each staff unit (missionary family). 
  • The Account Report is an additional $35 per month (optional). 


Compatible Support Raising Tools

More are on the way, so please ask if you don't see yours!

Compatible Donation Systems

More are on the way, so please ask if you don't see yours!

Please contact us for more information.

Technical Support Options

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