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Session 7: Adding Contacts



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About TntWare



Learn basic contact management features by entering new contacts.


Contact information can come to you in many forms. Some of these include:

On a donation slip or personal cheque
Conference registration forms
Staff members' TntMPD information
HR department (for example, new employees)

You need to know how to consistently enter contact information so that your database can be as valuable as possible as it grows.

Reference Material

Adding/Editing Contacts


Potential Duplicates Tab




It is imperative that contact information is entered as DonorWise expects it. For example, there is a separate first/given name box for both a husband and a wife. Do not enter both in the husband's first name box.




1.Enter the following new people contacts. These are all new contacts, so if you encounter a Potential Duplicate Alert [Aviso de posible duplicado], just hit . (On that screen, Cancelar tells DonorWise to accept the contact and that it is not a duplicate.)

Michael Jordan, 23 Chicago Bulls Lane, Metropolis, 5543.

Michael & Corinna Schumacher, 44 LeMans Trail, Gotham City, 4401

Eldrick Tiger & Elin Woods, 2301 Augusta Park Dr, Metropolis, 5514

David Robert Joseph Beckham and Victoria Adams, 1975 Manchester Lane, Metropolis, 5543

2.Enter the following new organizations. Again, these are all new contacts.

Metropolis Church of Faith, 17 Cherry Tree Lane, Metropolis, 5538.

Bubbaloos Bicycle Shop, 490 Main Street, Gotham City, 4441.

Ferrari Auto Body, 1 Formula Way, Gotham City, 4408.



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