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Session 4: Accounting Setup



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Lay the foundation for DonorWise to correctly provide accounting entries. This applies whether you will integrate DonorWise to your accounting system or not.


For financial integrity, DonorWise requires a tight accounting structure. All funds processed must have a <%COA%> number and a <%RC%>. This ensures that all funds are accounted for both by type (such as donation or material sale) as well as by owner.

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GL Accounts & RCs

Integrated GL Options

Manage Currencies

Manage Payment Types

Periods and Closing

Glossary Terms

Integrated General Ledger: When DonorWise connects directly to your accounting system. This allows DonorWise to rely on your accounting system for <%COA%> and <%RC%> information.

Non-Integrated Mode: When DonorWise does not connect to your accounting system. In this case, <%COA%> and <%RC%> information is maintained inside DonorWise. You can then export accounting information either to upload into your accounting system or to manually enter.


1.Fill out Setup Questionnaire items for the Accounting setup.
2.Review accounting setup in sample database. You will not make modifications to this setup as it was already defined prior to the training.
3.Integrate your DonorWise with your database, if necessary.
4.Complete all other accounting tasks.

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