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Personal Info Tab

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This tab contains specific items related to this contact that is not basic biographical information.

Journal Name

The Journal Name is part of the description for journal items posted to the General ledger. It is set automatically when a contact is created. It is typically the first initial of the first name + [underscore] + last name or, for organizations, the first 13 characters. The maximum length is 13 characters.

The Journal Name is not required to be unique, and DonorWise itself will create duplicate Journal Names when the criteria above is shared (such as two organizations with the same first 13 characters).

If any non-safe (not ASCII) characters exist and it is integrated to a non Unicode compliant GL, then the ‘unsafe’ characters are replaced with _ (underscore).

This field is used if you post donations in detail to your General ledger.

This field is also used to create the journal line descriptions when Transfer batches are posted.

Read More > Transfer Batch Journal

Search Names

An additional way to find a contact.

This can be a good place to put a Contact ID's previous ID (from former system) or nick names.

Org Type

Contact Person

Only appears when the contact is an organization.

Use the pick list for consistency.


Marital Status

Only appears when the contact is a person.


Indicates whether this contact is deceased. Checking this box causes many automatic actions to occur!


If this contact is checked as an organization on the Add/Edit Contact box, then this box will automatically be checked. If you check this box here, DonorWise will attempt to change this contact to an organization.

Flow Through Organization

Only appears when the contact is an organization.

Identifies this contact as an organization that serves as an intermediary between a donor and your organization.

Staff Reports

Ministry Reports

Ministry directors may want their personal staff reports and the reports for the ministry they direct sent to different addresses. This feature is used with the reporting tools.

User Fields 1-4

These free form fields can be used to input unique information that does not fit in any other field.

User Domain fields 1-4

These are similar to the User Fields above, except that you define the items that can be selected. These lists are maintained in the setup.

Menu Path: Tools | System Setup | Contact Tab

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