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When contacts marry



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When contacts marry

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When Donors Marry

1.Edit the husband's contact information to include the wife's information.

2.If the wife was also a donor, her donor contact should be redirected to  her husband's contact.

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Redirect Activity

A donor contact can be redirected to another contact.

When a donor contact would be redirected:

A duplicate donor contact is discovered and redirected to the other one.

Two current donors get married. One contact can be redirected to the other or both redirected to a new (married) contact.

A married person dies and the couple's contact is indicated as “deceased” and redirected to a new contact for the surviving spouse.

Redirecting a contact to another always creates a Related Contact relationship.

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Redirecting Designations

Redirection is used when:

1.A staff woman marries a man on staff. Her designation could be redirected to the husband's existing designation, or both designations could be redirected to a new designation for the couple.

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2.A ministry project is completed.

3.A staff person dies. If there is a surviving spouse, redirection would be to a new designation for the survivor. If there is a no survivor, the designation could be redirected to the “Refund” designation or to a general staff fund designation (provided the donor is informed of the redirection and is informed that they can receive a refund!

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4.When a person leaves your staff.

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Redirecting a donor

1.Go to the Donor Tab in the View Contacts screen.

2.Press the <Redirect activity> button.

3.Search for and select the desired contact.

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When Staff Members Marry

1.Edit the husband's contact information to include the wife's information.

2.On the wife's Designation Tab, select the husband's name from the redirect drop-down list.

3.Write the Inactivation Reason for the redirect. This can be typed in or selected from the drop-down list. This memo will appear on the receipt for the donors so they understand why the gift was redirected.

4.Press the <Merge Gifts (Staff Only)> button.

Merge Staff Couple Gifts

When two single staff members marry, DonorWise retains the information for the staff members as if they were still single. That is, gifts received by the singles would show up on their former contact IDs and gifts since the marriage would be on the husband's alone.

To allow the <Designation> tab to show all gifts for the couple, even from before the marriage, DonorWise has a Merge Gifts feature.

When you press <Merge Gifts (Staff Only)>, DonorWise will update the gifts in the Gift table. For each gift (to the wife only, since the husband's are typically already pointed to the correct designation), DonorWise will add the redirected designation, and keep the original designation number as well.

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