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Search Names

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Search Names is a field on the Personal Info Tab.

Read More > Personal Info Tab

This is an excellent place to put other names you want available when searching. A good example of use of this box is to import previously existing Contact IDs that cannot be converted to DonorWise Contact IDs. For example, DonorWise requires only numerical Contact IDs, but if your previous ones were alpha-numeric, you could put them here and then still search for them.

You can put multiple items in the Search Name box, including names, nicknames, organizations, titles, etc. They do not need to be separated by commas or any other marks.

Search Engine Options

You can modify the "weight" the DonorWise search engine uses to apply to different fields. There are 10 name fields and 4 address fields.

This button causes DonorWise to rebuild its name and address store for this database and can improve search performance.




Comments on this Help Topic

Troy Wolbrink wrote re: Search Names
on 20 Jun 2016 8:17 PM

After importing legacy Donor IDs or Designation IDs into Search Names, you might want to apply them to the "Global Donor Code" or "Global Designation Code" fields.  This way you can refer to them in other places, like in the "Import Historical Batch" screen.  Here's a script you can run in SQL Server Management Studio.  Just right-click on your DonorWise database and "New Query" to run this:

UPDATE Desig Set GlobalDesigCode = (SELECT SearchNames

  FROM Contact WHERE Contact.ContactID = Desig.ContactID)


UPDATE Donor Set GlobalDonorCode = (SELECT SearchNames

  FROM Contact WHERE Contact.ContactID = Donor.ContactID)


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