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Any person, couple, organization, ministry, etc. who is in your database, inside or outside of the ministry. A contact may be a donor or a designation or both — or neither.


A contact that gives gifts; not every contact is a donor. A donor can be an individual, a married couple, or an organization.


A contact that receives gifts. A designation can be a staff member, ministry project, or ministry itself. Also, a designation could also be a donor; for example, a staff member can also be a donor.


The income that is received from a donor


The amount assigned to an individual designation. For example, a single donation from a donor could be applied to multiple designations.

Contacts: A key resource for your ministry

Contacts are people who are in some way interested in your ministry. They are a vital resource for your ministry and represent the collective efforts of you and your staff to meet people and influence them to help in fulfilling the Great Commission.

Contacts can be people or organizations of many different categories. They do not have to be only the donors or the staff and ministries that receive donations, but can also include:

Prospective donors

Friends of the ministry

Key people in other ministries

Newsletter recipients

Report recipients

System users

Ministry employees

Where to gather contact information

The most common source of contacts for your DonorWise database is your existing donation system, as well as any other contact management system. For example, if you have donors in one file, newsletter recipients in another, and staff members/employees in another, all three can provide the contact information that you can import into DonorWise.

Getting these contacts into DonorWise

Any contacts you have in an electronic file can be imported into DonorWise by following these steps.

You can also enter data manually. Here are some other reasons that it might preferable to enter your contacts manually:

Your contact information is relatively incomplete and it is deemed more work to format it than just entering it.

Too many sources of data and the data is in too many formats.

Not very many contacts.

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