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Contact View Info boxes

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The View Contacts screen will sometimes display an information box below the Name & Address Window if there is a specific note about the type of contact.


Tip: Click on the text to be taken to the appropriate screen.

Designations highlighted in Current Group

Designations are colored blue to make them more obvious in the Current Group on the View Contacts screen.


When a staff member is assigned as a ministry director on the Ministry Tree, this indication will appear. A staff member can be a director of multiple items.

The following are built-in contacts specifically designed to handle unique situations in DonorWise.

Anonymous Donor


This is the primary contact for this database (typically your national ministry). Contact ID is #1. The "Me" contact cannot be a designation.


The Suspense contact is also known as an "Unresolved Donor".

Unknown Donor

Other Receipts


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