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Does Cru still host MPDX for other organizations for FREE?

Does Cru still host MPDX for other organizations for FREE?

Short Answer:  YES

Although Cru had been communicating in 2023 about a deadline for non-Cru missionaries to leave the Cru-hosted MPDX, Cru ended up changing their mind later in the year. They sent out an email in December 2023 to let people know that they can actually stay in Cru's MPDX after all.

The email mentions that they:

  • removed the deadline
  • are optimistic about providing a way for organizations to continue using Cru's MPDX!
    • (but they are still free to change their mind again in the future)

Cru's public website continues to promote the use of MPDX by other organizations and churches.  From Cru's main MPDX marketing page, it continues to say that MPDX is a free app for missions and churches.

Cru's website also mentions that other ministries are welcome to use MPDX free of charge.


The "Learn More" button links to their FAQs about HOW an organization can get started with MPDX.

DonorHub Online continues to provide updated donation data each night automatically to MPDX for thousands of missionaries with over 100 organizations.

We're thankful for Cru's generosity to continue offering this helpful tool to the body of Christ to help missionaries in their efforts to be fully funded and more focused on their mission of reaching the lost for Jesus Christ.

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