DonorHub ®
Bridging the information gap between you and your staff...

About DonorHub

DonorHub® is based on the legacy of TntMPD.DataServer, which was developed by Troy Wolbrink to help more ministries deliver financial data to staff and TntConnect users.  Before TntMPD.DataServer, a ministry would have to develop custom software for this purpose.  TntMPD.DataServer made it possible for over 100 organizations to become compatible with TntConnect and MPDX.

In 2016, TntWare renamed TntMPD.DataServer to DonorHub®.  Also during this time, TntWare began redesigning DonorHub into a cloud-based service.  TntMPD.DataServer was a very technical product, and a major barrier for many small ministries was the installation, configuration, hosting and management of this product.  By making it a cloud service, fully managed by TntWare, many barriers have been removed for many ministries.

DonorHub will help your ministry while it saves you money because it takes all that work off your plate of preparing and delivering financial reports to your staff, so you can focus on running your ministry.  With DonorHub Online there's often nothing to install ... it's all cloud-based.  If you have an on-premise donation system, you may have to install a very small program called the "Cloud Connector" which simply acts as a bridge for data.  Plus, with DonorHub Online, TntWare does all the work of maintaining or developing the integration with your financial systems. 

Please contact us to learn more about DonorHub.

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