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Buscando coincidencia de contactos



Buscando coincidencia de contactos

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To prevent you from adding the same contact twice, TntMPD will automatically compare new contacts with your existing list anytime you add a contact, no matter how it is added.

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TntMPD will seek to match any new contact with an existing contact who has the same name. For downloaded gifts, TntMPD will look for last name matches. For all other methods, TntMPD will try to match first and last names.

Relacionar con contacto existente Caja de diálogo

When TntMPD sees a contact it suspects might be a duplicate, it brings up a dialog box to match the new contact to one already in your database.


Ignora la coincidencia y te lleva de vuelta a la pantalla anterior.

No hay coincidencia

Añade este contacto como un contacto nuevo. (Nota: Si estás descargando donativos y direcciones, TntMPD primero adivinará en la coincidencia, y si presiones No hay coincidencia, te ofrecerá una lista de todos los contactos para que selecciones una coincidencia. Puedes volver a presionar No hay coincidencia para continuar.)

Confirms the match and does not add a new contact. TntMPD will offer to update the contact's name and address info. In other words, TntMPD will replace any contact information that is replaced. (For example, if the new information has five fields, only those five fields will be updated; other fields in the existing contact will remain as they were.)

Dialog Box: Would you like to update the name and address info for [contact]?

Actualizar nombre y dirección

Keeps existing name and address

Stops import process altogether

Error Message: Duplicate contact

This error message will appear simply to alert you that TntMPD did not create a duplicate contact in your database.

Continue importing. TntMPD will save this duplicate entry as a text file for you to review later.

Stop import process altogether

Stops import process altogether

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