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Números de teléfono



Números de teléfono

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There are many phone number boxes. To edit the phone number, double-click inside the yellow Telephone box.


Only one phone number can be selected as preferred. When there is a preferred number and a comment in the Comments field, the text will change to match the comment.

Default Preferred

Business selected as preferred, with comment

How this appears in the name & address bar

Verificar número de teléfono

If necessary, the phone number can be modified for a different country. Do this by double-clicking on the phone number in the list of numbers.

Phone number

(Mexico is the default country)

Phone number

(Modified, for different country)

Notice that an extra dialing code has been added.

This is according to the country settings in the setup database.


Tip: Phone/E-mail labels

Use phone labels to make visual notes (any comment you write appears with the phone number on the Name & Address bar). The phone numbers are found on the Address Tab in the Contact View.

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