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To prepare for the GDPR which came to Europe on May 25, 2018, TntConnect 3.5 consolidates many Privacy and Security options into one place. Now, when you click "Tools" and then "Options", you'll immediately see a Privacy and Security section. This way you can quick check your data protection compliance in one place:

The GDPR doesn't provide technical details on how to protect your data, but it does mentions encryption as "one possible way". If your laptop was always behind locked doors, for example, encryption might not be necessary. But because most laptops are taken with you when you leave your home or office, it's a very good idea to encrypt the hard drives so that all the data (documents, email, etc.) is protected.

For ministries using DonorHub, we have added the option for the organization to set a policy such that TntConnect cannot download gifts from DonorHub unless TntConnect is on an encrypted hard drive. Along with training and helping your staff with encrypting their hard drives, setting this policy in DonorHub shows due diligence to data protection authorities that you're taking data protection seriously.


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