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TntConnect 3.2

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To better support team fund development, TntConnect 3.2 was introduced.  Although TntConnect was significantly enhanced to improve the experience of support raising in teams, the features added to TntConnect 3.2 will help all users.

Here is a highlight of what's new and improved:

1. Groups.  Groups can now contains subgroups of unlimited levels.  You can define an "Exclusive Group" with subgroups which means that a contact can only appear in one of the subgroups (or the group itself).  This is helpful if you are managing a strategy with groups, and you don't want a contact showing up in multiple workflows.  You can make a group appear like a contact field, so you can import, export and make it visible above the notes, and do lookups with it.

2. Change Log.  All changes to a contact are logged in their history.  So now you can see an audit trail of what happened.  Adding and removing a contact from a group is also logged.  Changes to the pledge amount/frequency are logged as well.  You can link these pledge change histories to a "Campaign" (new name of Appeal), and have a record of how much new monthly support associated with any given campaign.

3. Campaigns (super-sized version of Appeals).  Campaigns can have a monthly goal and a special (one-time) goal.  You can associated a group with a campaign for "target contacts".  TntConnect Pro users can track a donor's "Promise" to give a certain amount by a certain date within the context of a campaign.  You can follow up with donors who pledged a one-time gift, but haven't followed through yet.  A new "Campaign Builder" tool will help you segment your list of contacts and put people into an appropriate marketing plan.

4.  The ability to add user password from TntMPD 2.1 has been added back in.  This helps protect your database from accidental loss of privacy.  (But to stop hackers, you need hard drive encryption.)  If you forget your password, you can send TntWare a copy of your database to get it "unlocked".  Also, you can inactive users or delete them, and TntConnect will handle existing records associated with the inactive users.

5.  You can now track Weekly and Fortnightly (every two weeks) pledges.

6.  In addition to "Mass Change Field", you can now "Mass Append" to many text fields.


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