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Video: What's New?


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Video: What's New?

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TntConnect 3.1 Upgrade overview

This fast-paced video highlights some of the changes in TntConnect 3.1, including a new name, international tools, new features, and new help tools.

Quick Overview of Changes & Features from TntConnect 3.1:

TntMPD has a new name

TntConnect has a new name! Formerly "TntMPD", it is now called "TntConnect"t. This reflects that TntWare is now an independent ministry. "MPD" is a term coined by Campus Crusade for Christ for their staff's support development efforts. Now that TntConnect is used by more than 12,000 missionaries in 500+ ministries, a name change is appropriate to frelct the broader audience.
The name is changed from TntMPD to TntConnect
The "MPD" tab is now called the "TNT" tab
The "MPD Phase" is now called the "TNT Phase"

Multiple Currency Support

TntConnect now support multiple currencies. TntConnect has always been an international product. It is currently available in 14 languages (including Italian and Greek... new to 3.1!). Many TntConnect users receive gifts from more than one country, and the new multi-currency features reflect that. There are several ways that multi-currency is displayed:

The multiple currency feature can be turned on/off in Tools | Options | Currencies tab
Users will walk through a Quick Setup Guide when upgrading to 3.1, to help them identify their base currency, and add any additional currencies in which they may receive gifts
Users can now combine ALL TntConnect databases from other countries. (Previously, users would typically have a separate database for each currency, since the analysis tools did not work well in combined databases.)
Each contact has a default currency assigned on the TNT Tab
When a gift is entered manually, the currency of the gift can be added
The gift display on the TNT Tab (for the "Current Group") toggles between the "base currency" and any other currency you wish
The Contribution Report can be displayed in any currency in the database, or display any individual currency only

Other Features and Fixes

To help users navigate high-resolution monitors, TntConnect now offers a text zoom feature, allowing users to enlarge the font 125-150-175-200%. (Tools | Options | Installation tab)
In the "Log History" (either on the History tab or in the History View), you can now right-click on any item to "Log Reply" in case you want to add a follow-up history item to one already entered.
The Contribution Report can now be filtered by the Current Group
The "User" fields on the User tab have always been flexible... you can either enter manually or pre-fill a list (in Tools | Options | User tab). Now you can also require that those pre-entered values are the only ones. This can be useful in a team environment where TntConnect is used as a team fund-development tool.
TntConnect 3.1 also resolves a number of technical issues that were causing problems during the transition year from Campus Crusade for Christ to TntWare:
Compatible with Windows 10
Compatible with Mac OS El Capitan
Resolves both the Google Maps error and the Google Login error to the TntConnect web site (which had been preventing users from logging in to download updates)
Resolves the "Microsoft Access 2010 Database Engine" error that many users would occasionally encounter.


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GTStevenson wrote re: Video: 3.0 Upgrade overview video
on 11 Nov 2013 11:27 PM

Thank you for your amazing work. It is all greatly appreciated. I don't know what I would do with out TNTmpd.

Azmach Abera wrote re: Video: What's New?
on 27 Apr 2016 9:57 AM

Thank you for  your good work it is a good clarification !

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