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Video: Downloading Gifts Tips


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Video: Downloading Gifts Tips

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Syncing — Three Things to Remember

This video tutorial suggests three things you should do each time you sync your donations.

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Three things to remember

NOTE: This video was created using TntConnect 2.1. There have been several improvements to all 3 of these features in subsequent releases, but the principles and basic steps remain the same as in the video.

1.The thank yous I need to write. When you download gifts (or enter them in any way), TntConnect automatically creates tasks related to unusual activity in donor giving. This is one of the best features of TntConnect! (These features are controlled in Tools | Options | Automatic Actions.) Click on the Tasks View button, and then check the "Tasks" type to filter only the Thank yous.
2.Look at the Giving. In the Contact View, on the TNT Tab, I can view the giving not only for the selected contact, but also the entire Current Group. See the video on this new feature.
3.Check for addresses that need to be corrected. These will appear in bold and orange under their name.

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