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Analysis View


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Analysis View

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The Analysis View offers a wealth of fascinating information about your contacts and their giving. The more information you have about your contacts, both in quantity and quality, the better you will be served by the Analysis View.

There are two primary components of the Analysis View:

1.The upper section shows some analytical data about your pledges, overall support, outstanding pledges, and recent activities.

Press the Send Weekly Coach's Update to Excel button.

This creates an Excel file summarizing your support activities for the week. In some ministries, a supervisor or support coach desires this report for staff who are actively raising support.

Note: You can also include the weekly activities themselves (not just the count of activities) by selecting the "New tasks and history are "Shared with Support Coach" checkbox in Tools | Options | Tasks tab.

Support Progress

The Support Progress box shows you how your pledged support compares to your need. The green bar at the top represents the % of received pledges compared to your Monthly Goal.



Monthly Goal

Your goal is defined in the Options.

Total Pledges

Total pledges is the monthly sum of all pledges for contacts whose TNT Phase is “PARTNER-Financial”. For partners whose gifts are less frequent than monthly (such as quarterly or annually), their gifts are recalculated to a monthly amount.

Average Monthly

Your monthly average is TntConnect’s computed current monthly average for Financial and Special PARTNERS.

Read More > How monthly average is computed

Amount to Raise

Monthly Goal minus Total Pledges.

Contacts & Referral Pool

The Contacts & Referral Pool box tells you how many contacts you have whose TNT Phase is less than "Appointment Scheduled".

Contacts & Referral Pool

TNT Phase List

TntConnect uses the "Created Date" to determine if a contact was gained this week.

The TNT Phases included in the "contacts" count are

2.Never Contacted
3.Ask in Future
4.Call for Appt


1.The expression "on hand today" means "in your database today" and for whom you can call for an appointment (that is, their
2."Gained this week" refers to contacts that are new in your database this week, even if they have made a decision. (For example, you may have received a referral, called them, gone on an appointment, and received a decision, all in the same week.)

Weekly Activities

The Weekly Activities box summarizes all items in the History Tab for all your contacts for this week or any week in the past. (You define your week’s start day in Options.)


The lower section shows graphical summaries of your giving historically. You can choose from over 400 different combinations of charts.

Checkbox: Add "Misc" category when possible. Combine all other categories into one column. This can be helpful when the Misc column skews the results.

The very cool graphical views of your support offer 3D views of gifts, pledges, contacts and more: 10 different reports you can view 14 different ways. The best way to learn about the graphical views is to just start clicking and see what you learn.

These charts offer more than just a fascinating look at your financial support. Ideally, charts will help you focus on the best places to raise your support. For example, if a certain state or province is where most of your donations come from, then that state or province is the place you probably want to seek new support.

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Comments on this Help Topic

Cara Olexa wrote re: Analysis View
on 9 Feb 2017 6:18 PM

I noticed in my TNT that the amount for Total Pledges is different than the Pledged amount under the expanded Average Monthly section. In the example above it is different as well (although for me the Pledged amount is more than the Average Pledges, not less). What is the Pledged number under Average Monthly? Why would they be different? Thanks!

Troy Wolbrink wrote re: Analysis View
on 20 Apr 2017 11:34 PM

Pledged under Average Monthly means the total average giving from those partners that have a recurring/monthly pledge.

Klorow wrote re: Analysis View
on 12 Jan 2021 2:40 PM

Is there a way to see in the Analysis view new stats for this week, or this month?

Troy Wolbrink wrote re: Analysis View
on 13 Jan 2021 6:52 PM

At the top right, you can change it from "This Week" to previous weeks.  It's not available on a monthly basis.

jjloghry wrote re: Analysis View
on 17 Aug 2022 11:43 PM

Our support coach was asking today whether there is a way to run the “Send Weekly Update to Excel” on a monthly basis. So far as I can tell from documentation the answer is “No”. At this point my best solution is to have staff run the weekly for each of the last 4 weeks and combine it. Is that accurate?

Troy Wolbrink wrote re: Analysis View
on 1 Sep 2022 9:52 PM

@jjloghry, Yes, that's right.  Since there is no way to export the report on a monthly basis, you're kind of stuck with exporting the last 4 weeks.  So, your organization does coaching on a monthly basis?  Maybe this could be an option in TntConnect.

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