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I’m writing to let you know about a change coming that may affect your ability to download gifts into TntConnect.  Your organization’s use of DonorHub will be required in order to electronically import gifts into TntConnect starting sometime next year.

TntConnect first became available in late 2000, almost 19 years ago!  It’s been an exciting journey to see the impact it’s had in helping so many thousands of missionaries to succeed in their efforts to fully fund their ministry.  What started out as a hobby has become a full-time enterprise, part of a broader suite of products and services now operating under TntWare, Inc.  We remain committed to the long-term success of TntConnect as we serve the church and the missionary community at large.

Since becoming an independent ministry five years ago, our major focus has been on helping more mission organizations to adopt DonorHub, our service that allows their missionaries to simply push the “Gift Input” button in TntConnect to check for new gifts.  In the past five years, we’ve grown the number of TntConnect-compatible organizations from 37 to 138!  Of those 138 organizations currently compatible with TntConnect, 90% of these organizations are doing so through DonorHub.  Clearly, DonorHub has become a de facto standard for compatibility.

In the past few years, we’ve noticed a trend in our tech support forums where a growing and disproportionate amount of tech support has been associated with missionaries from organizations that do not use DonorHub.  These missionaries are either downloading ‘DataSync’ files from their organization’s website or from an email attachment, or maybe their organization has a home grown system for making the “Gift Input” button work.  But we’ve seen a growing pattern of poor user experiences with these custom solutions.  We’ve seen many situations where gifts were inadvertently deleted, or it was just a frustrating and confusing experience overall.  This coincides with years of surveys where we’ve seen the least customer satisfaction with TntConnect associated with those ministries that do not have a rock-solid solution for flowing gifts into the tool.

In an effort to maximize TntWare’s effectiveness at helping our users, we’ve made the difficult but necessary decision to make DonorHub a requirement for TntConnect to be able to download gifts from an organization.  TntConnect will continue to be a free tool.  And you can always enter your gifts in by hand, but if you want an electronic way to import your gifts from your organization, your organization will need to be signed up with DonorHub.  Thankfully, most of you reading this email are already with an organization that uses DonorHub.  If you’re ministry has a Staff Portal website residing at *, your ministry uses DonorHub.  We’ll list the ministries currently using DonorHub at the very end of this message so you can easily check to see if you need to take action or not.

What this means is that the “Update Donor/Gift Info from File” screen will eventually be removed, and the “Gift Input” function for downloading donations will only work with DonorHub.  The Gift Input function will eventually not work with custom solutions, nor will it work with DonorHub Lite.  Your organization will need to sign up for DonorHub to continue importing gifts.

We’re pre-announcing all of this to give you time to prepare.  The actual cutoff date will be some time next year (sometime in early 2020, to be determined).  But for now, think of this as your roughly 9 to 15 month warning.  Once we have a solid date, we’ll release a version of TntConnect that will enforce this future cutoff date.  We’ll be sure to give you a big head’s up when this release is ready.

DonorHub has a small charge, but it’s very reasonable considering the value it delivers.  Check out some recent reviews of DonorHub at G2 and Capterra.  We believe the end result will be best for TntConnect users and for helping TntWare thrive long-term at providing powerful solutions to help missionaries in their efforts to fully fund their ministry.  Please reach out to us at with any questions.

Serving Him with You,

P.S.  If you’re not sure if your organization uses DonorHub, below is the list of ministries currently using DonorHub (as of this writing).  If you’re organization is NOT in the list below, let your organization’s operations team know about this change coming.  Encourage them to join the family of other satisfied customers who have signed up for DonorHub so that your donations can continue (or start) to flow smoothly and effortlessly into TntConnect.

  • 306 Foundation
  • ABWE
  • ACT Canada
  • Admirals Basketball Academy
  • Adventist Frontier Missions
  • Africa Inland Mission
  • All Nations
  • Ambassadors for Christ
  • Artists for Community Transformation Intl
  • Artists in Christian Testimony Intl
  • Back2Back Ministries
  • Be One Together
  • Bethany International
  • Beyond
  • Cadence International
  • Camp Bighorn
  • Campus Fellowship
  • Campus Outreach Birmingham/Global
  • Care of Creation
  • CCO Canada
  • Center for Mission Mobilization
  • Chi Alpha at the University of Idaho
  • Children's Relief International
  • China Outreach Ministries
  • Citylight Lincoln Church
  • Converge Worldwide
  • CoPassion
  • Cornerstone International
  • Cross Trail Outfitters of Illinois
  • Cross Trail Outfitters of North Carolina
  • Cross Trail Outfitters of Texas
  • Generation LINK
  • Deep Water Soul Care
  • Deutsche Indianer Pionier Mission
  • Dynamic Church Planting International
  • East-West Ministries International
  • Elim Fellowship
  • Empower International
  • Encompass World Partners
  • Equipping Leaders International
  • Evangelical Free Church of America
  • Eurasia Partners Network
  • Every Nation Ministries - USA
  • Ezekiel Ministries
  • Family Missions Company
  • Family of Faith Global Missions
  • FCD / Campus Ventures
  • Fellowship International Mission
  • Field Life
  • For the Nations Refugee Outreach
  • Forest Springs
  • Friends International
  • Global Fokus
  • Global Gates - USA
  • Global Outreach
  • Global Recordings Network (US)
  • Global Service Associates
  • Global Service Network
  • Global Student Initiatives, Inc.
  • Global Training Network
  • Great Commission Alliance
  • Growing Entrepreneurs International
  • His House Christian Fellowship
  • Hope of Glory
  • Immanuel Baptist Church
  • In His Image
  • International House of Prayer
  • Journey Canada
  • Kingdom Mobilization
  • Kingdom Rice
  • Life Action Ministries
  • Life Impact Ministries
  • Living Hope Ministries
  • Living Truth
  • Lutheran Bible Translators
  • Master Plan Ministries
  • Ministry Developers Network
  • Mission Aviation Fellowship
  • Mission Aviation Training Academy
  • Mission Coalition
  • Mission Together
  • Mission Training International
  • Missionary Ventures
  • Missions Door
  • Mountain Gateway
  • MoveIn Vision Team
  • NW Collegiate Ministries
  • Open Air Campaigners
  • Probe Ministries
  • Proclaim Intl.
  • Radius International
  • Ratio Christi
  • Reach Beyond
  • Reach Beyond Canada
  • Reign Ministries
  • Resource Exchange International
  • Rio Grande Bible Ministries
  • SHIFT Ministries
  • SonSet Solutions
  • Storyline
  • Texas BSM
  • The Biblical Studies Center
  • The Global Mission
  • The Impact Movement
  • The Labouré Society
  • The Navigators - Nigeria
  • The Navigators - Singapore
  • Timber Bay
  • TIME Ministries
  • Time To Revive
  • Tun Tavern Fellowship
  • United World Mission
  • University Christian Outreach
  • Vagabond Missions
  • Western Indian Ministries
  • World in Need International
  • Wycliffe Associates
  • Wycliffe Bijbelvertalers Nederland
  • YWAM Madison

Posted 3 Jun 2019 10:43 AM by Troy Wolbrink
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