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What are the 2005 survey results? from Bob!

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First published by:
Troy Wolbrink
on 29 Sep 2008
Last revision by:
Troy Wolbrink
on 29 Sep 2008
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What are the 2005 survey results?

This message contains the results to the recent TntMPD survey.

Thank you to the 801 people who responded to the survey. The results were very helpful. In fact, even though we couldn't answer questions individually, we created an 18-page FAQ that is now available (with hyperlinks) on the TntMPD website.

Here are some of the highlights of the survey results:

Question #1: If you raise your own support but don't use TntMPD, why not?

(About 1/4th of the respondents do not use TntMPD, so these percentages represent those 200.)

--I have a system that works for me (32%)

--I've heard about it, but haven't done anything (25%)

--I don't know how to use it (23%)

--I've downloaded it but haven't used it (19%)

--I use a Mac (6%)

--Other (24%)

The remaining questions are based on the 600 users who do use TntMPD.

Question #2: How often do you use these features? (This is an average based on the 1-4 rating scale you used.

1=Never use, 4=Use Often

Downloading Gifts from the Web -- 3.88

Managing contact names & addresses -- 3.66

Using TntSync -- 2.88

Mail merge prayer letter -- 2.77

Use Late Donor Report -- 2.75

Recording tasks I have done (History) -- 2.71

Manually Entering Gifts -- 2.43

Creating tasks to do in the future -- 2.31

Using Appeals -- 2.14

Use Birthday/Anniversary Info -- 1.91

Sync with Outlook -- 1.89

Sync with Outlook, then Palm/Pocket PC -- 1.67

Look at my database in Access -- 1.36

Question #3: What are your three favorite features of TntMPD?

Downloading Gifts -- 584

Keeping Contact Info Current -- 385

Tracking History with a Contact -- 237

Name/Address Updates from CCC -- 213

Analysis View & Graphs -- 173

Late Donor Report -- 159

Gift-Automation (Auto-Tasks) in response to new gifts -- 97

Keeping on top of Tasks -- 64

Tracking Appeals -- 31

Other -- 25

Question #4: Do you have any tips to help others use TntMPD?

210 people gave suggestions, the most common one being: "Just do it!" The best of these tips will be incorporated into our Handy Reference Guides and CSU Seminar.

Question #5: Do you have any questions or is there something you don't understand?

342 people responded to this question. We've distilled these into 53 "FAQs" that are now posted on the TntMPD website. You can click here to see these; if you submitted a question, it's likely your question was answered.

The most commonly asked question (44 of the 342) was simply "How can I learn more?".

Here are a few ways:

1. Review the FAQ document

2. Pick up the 16-page, full color TntMPD Handy Reference Guide packet this summer at the U.S. Staff Conference; this will be available for a nominal cost of just $1 to cover the cost of printing.

3. Attend one of the TntMPD seminars during the optional seminars. Come early as these sessions are always full!

4. Download--or view online--the complete user guide Exploding TntMPD.

Thank you for taking time to fill out our survey. It's already helped as we were able to create a helpful FAQ page this week. And it will help missionaries in more than 40 mission agencies who are using TntMPD.

In Christ,

Bob MacLeod

Communications Director

Financial Services Group

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By: David Hand Posted on 28 Oct 2008 5:11 PM

Very helpful info.  Now since it is 3 years later I wonder if more people are using Tnt?  Also, are there trends which would help inform better user training?

Could you even set up a new survey/poll on this site?

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