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TntMPD 3.0.39 and TntConnect 3.2 r9 Install on Ubuntu 14.04.02 with Unity

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on 4 May 2015
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TntMPD 3.0.39 and TntConnect 3.2 r9 Install on Ubuntu 14.04.02 with Unity

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I wanted to add a quick update to say that I just (24 April 2017) installed TntConnect 3.2 r9 using the same instructions below. On the same version of Ubuntu.
To answer those that say Play on Linux is not needed they are correct but it does make the install easier for non-technical people.
God Bless!
Frederick Henderson
I just did a successful install of TntMPD on Linux using the PlayOnLinux interface for Wine.  I thought I would share what worked for me. 
For those that want the details without the walk through:
  • Ubuntu 14.04.02 with Unity
  • kernel 3.13.0-51-generic
  • Windows Version: Windows XP
  • Wine Version: 1.7.42
  • TntMPD Version: 3.0.39
  • Libraries installed by the installer (Wine configuration, Libraries tab, Existing overrides box) jscript msxml6 odbc32 odbccp32 oledb32
Info on my setup. 

Wine related packages installed in the Ubuntu Software Center(search for wine).

  • Microsoft Windows Compatibility Layer (meta-package)
  • Wine Windows Program Loader 
  • PlayOnLinux (POL)

Wine related packages in Synaptics Package Manager (search for wine)

You may need to install these programs before installing for the installation to suceed, however PlayOnLinux may do this for you.

  • wine wine1.6 - System version of wine 
  • wine-geko2.21 
  • wine-mono0.0.8 
  • playonlinux gnome-exe-thumbnailer - Optional gives windows .exe files an icon based on their embedded icon or a generic icon 
  • wine1.6-amd64 - 64 bit system version of wine wine1.4 - Not needed. Another version of wine I installed for testing. 
  • wine-geko2.21:i386 
  • wine1.6-i386:i386
PlayOnLinux install (walk through)
Before installing TntMPD, install the version of Wine that you plan to use by doing the following: In the  PlayOnLinux(POL) top menu > Tools > Manage Wine Versions > Wine versions (x86)(Tab at top) > select 1.7.42 in the Available Wine versions box > then click the arrow pointing right to move it to the Installed Wine versions
  • Start the install in PlayOnLinux by click on Install a program in right-hand menu
  • click on Install a non-listed program at bottom of the window
  • Next
  • Install a program in a new virtual drive
  • Next
  • Please type a name for your application's virtual drive: TntMPD (Can be anything you want.)
  • Next
  • check the Use another version of Wine and the Configure Wine check boxes
  • Next
  • Which version of Wine would you like to use? 1.7.42
  • Next
  • What kind of virtual drive do you want to create? 32 bits windows installation
  • Next
  • The Wine configuration should pop up after a bit make sure that Windows XP is selected as the Windows Version. If the text seems too small you may want to go into the Graphics tab and adjust the Screen resolution so that the text is an appropriate size. You can also change this later by selecting configure from the right-hand menu in POL
  • OK
  • Please select the install file to run. 
  • Browse 
  • Select the SetupTntMPD.exe version 3.0.39 that you downloaded (otherwise go download it now then select it) 
  • Next 
  • Now you will be in the TntMPD installer I just used the default settings and keep clicking Next then Install 
  • If A Retry Extraction? Window pops up. Select: Try to extract the existing download data again then OK.
  • Next in the PlayOnLinux window that pops up: 
  • Please choose a file for PlayOnLinux to make a shortcut for. TntMPD.exe 
  • Next 
  • Please choose a shortcut name for TntMPD.exe TntMPD 
  • Next At this point you can may shortcuts for any other programs that you want such as TntSync.exe or TntTranslator.exe by repeating the last instructions above if you are finished making links, select Cancel. 
  • On the first run of TntMPD you will have a Options dialog where you can set your preferences. 
Note: The first time I installed using PlayOnLinux(POL) claimed it did not find a Mono package but the mono package listed above was installed. I did allowed POL to installed mono.
For Ubuntu Unity to be able to search and find TntMPD move/copy the created desktop shortcut to ~/.local/share/applications (~ means your home directory, so if your username is george: /home/george/.local/share/applications would be the path to move / copy the desktop icon to)  More info:

Known Issues

OLE error 80020005, '15.03.2012' is not a valid date and time
If you have a different setting for the date and time format than en_US.UTF-8 (US English) you may see the error above. You can check this setting by opening a terminal and running:
export |grep LC_TIME
If the second part displayed from this command is not en_US.UTF-8 then you will need to do the following to set the date and time format to US English.
In PlayOnLinux:
PlayOnLinux - Miscellaneous Configuration to set locale date and time format to US English
I hope this helps someone else trying to get TntMPD running on Linux.
God Bless!
Frederick Henderson

Recent Comments

By: jeff bain Posted on 13 Aug 2015 7:10 PM


thanks for the walk-through.  My old install broke for some reason, so I needed to update/re-install.  This was a big help.

Very straight forward and worked great.  Especially like the tip about moving the shortcut so it can be found by unity search.

thanks again


By: Graham Posted on 6 Dec 2015 3:44 PM

Thank you. This worked well. I had earlier tried installing using wine, but without using POL, but it failed while trying to install the XLM 6 package.


By: snkgak Posted on 13 Feb 2016 10:47 PM

The KEY is 32-bit environment! XML Parser will fail to install on 64-bit Wine. But you don't need POL - just "create a 32 bit wineprefix on a 64 bit system". From the WineHQ Wiki FAQ 7.2:

"At present there are some significant bugs that prevent many 32 bit applications from working in a 64 bit wineprefix. To work around this, you can create a new 32 bit wineprefix using the WINEARCH environment variable. In a terminal, type:

WINEARCH=win32 WINEPREFIX=path_to_wineprefix winecfg

(use the actual path to the wineprefix), then install your 32 bit application(s) to that wineprefix.

"Do not manually create the directory before running that command; Wine must create it. WINEARCH only needs to be set when creating the wineprefix, and the architecture of an existing wineprefix cannot be changed."

Then the installer will be able to download everything it needs.


By: JennyBeth Posted on 7 May 2016 5:40 PM

Thanks for this post; I was getting various errors just trying to install it via the default WINE, but this worked like a charm to install. However, it throws an error every time I try to open my database:

he database can not be opened on the C:\ drive because it is not in your "My Documents" or "Desktop" directory.

Database = Z:\home\jennybeth\.PlayOnLinux\\wineprefix\TnTMPD\dosdevices\c:\users\jennybeth\Desktop\JennyBeth.mpddb

My Documents = C:\users\jennybeth\My Documents

Desktop = C:\users\jennybeth\Desktop.

This is even though I have Wine configured to link the virtual My Documents to the Documents folder in Linux, under which I have the folder for my mission organization, and then my mpd under the fundraising directory. Just for funsies, I tried moving it to the top level of Documents, and to Desktop, and opening it from there, and I still get the same error. A possible issue might be that the virtual drive C in my file browser shows the actual contents of "My Documents" is my home folder rather than my Documents folder, even though the Wine Configuration folder shows that it links to Documents rather than home. Did I mess up in the installation? Anyone know how to fix it?

By: JennyBeth Posted on 7 May 2016 5:42 PM

*edit* You can probably figure this out, but the error as I copied it was after I tried it from the Desktop folder rather than from in my Documents.

By: JennyBeth Posted on 11 May 2016 3:34 PM

Ken Klay found a solution for me. In the "Please select a database" dialog, clicking "Search for a Database" under "Other options" near the bottom, rather than trying to open it under "Open an existing database," allowed me to navigate to and open it.

By: Jonathan Vander Wal Posted on 28 Oct 2016 6:49 AM

I followed this tutorial and I successfully installed TNTConnect v3.1 r10.  It seems to run fine, but when I shut it down it says that "TNTConnect has encountered a serious error and needs to close."  Any ideas?    

By: andre1980 Posted on 18 Jan 2017 10:06 PM

Hello, can someone please help me? I cannot create a new database. How do I do this?



By: Troy Wolbrink Posted on 22 Jan 2017 5:18 PM

Andre, are you trying to create a new database on Linux?  What error message are you getting?  Maybe try creating a new database on your PC or Mac and then copy the file over?

By: andre1980 Posted on 23 Jan 2017 9:42 AM

Hello Troy,

I think I am just going to use it on the computer of my wife. She has Windows. I might try to copy the file and see if it works.


By: andre1980 Posted on 30 Jan 2017 9:20 AM

Hello Troy,

I copied the file to my own computer and get the following error:

De database kan niet geopend worden vanaf de C:/ drive omdat hij niet in je "mijn documenten" of Desktop directory staat.

Database = Z:\home\andre\.PlayOnLinux\\wineprefix\TNTconnect\dosdevices\c:\users\andre\Mijn Documenten\God en kerk\TNT-connect\André.mpddb

Mijn Documenten = C:\users\andre\Mijn Documenten

Desktop = C:\users\andre\Bureaublad.

-> In englisch: The database can´t be opended from the c:/drive because it isn´t in ¨my documents¨ or desktop directory.


What to do?

By: andre1980 Posted on 6 Feb 2017 6:24 PM

Hello Troy, can you help me?

By: Troy Wolbrink Posted on 20 Apr 2017 11:16 PM
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Hi Andre, please post your question on the forums if you still need help.  This area is for commenting on the FAQ article about running TNT on Ubuntu.

By: James_Nissley Posted on 11 May 2017 6:36 PM

Thanks for the updated guide - it worked perfectly.

By: gwrw Posted on 13 Mar 2018 5:37 AM


I'm having the same problem mentioned above --  I try to open a saved database from inside WINE, and it wants it to be in either My Documents or the Desktop.  I've tried it in both "virtual" folders -- Documents and Desktop -- but apparently TntConnect parses the file path and see that even though it appears to originate from the C: drive, it has a a prefix going back even further to a Z: drive.  Is this a security feature?

Clicking on the link "Search for database" apparently worked for JennyBeth (above), but it continues to gives me the same error.  I've tried every way I can think of to open it through WINE, and I continue to get this error.

Any ideas?

Thanks so much!

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