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Privacy and Security from Bob!

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on 25 Apr 2018
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Privacy and Security

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Privacy and Security

TntConnect offers options related to privacy and security. 

  • Privacy features simply protect from accidental intrusions.
  • Security features protect against thieves and hackers.

Both features are important.  Privacy features prevent your coworker from walking up to your computer and casually opening TntConnect without a password while you step away.  Security features prevent someone from gaining physical access to your database file.

In TntConnect, under the "Tools" menu, click on "Options".  You'll see the Privacy and Security options.



Check the box "Require a password to sign in to this database." to enforce a password to open your database.  If someone gains access to your database file, perhaps on your running laptop, and tries to open it in TntConnect, TntConnect will refuse to open it without the password.

Note:  This option is "light security".  This check box doesn't prevent a motivated hacker from gaining access to your information.


Check the box "Require this database to be on an encrypted drive." to enforce the requirement that TntConnect will not open this database unless it's on encrypted drive on your computer.  Of course, you can't check the box until your database is already not already on an encrypted drive.

Note:  This option is "real security".  An encrypted drive is extremely difficult for a hacker to gain access to.

   Learn more about how you can make sure your TntConnect is on an encrypted drive.


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