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How can TntConnect help me use Dropbox better? from Bob!

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First published by:
Troy Wolbrink
on 24 May 2013
Last revision by:
Troy Wolbrink
on 4 Feb 2020
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How can TntConnect help me use Dropbox better?

For a few years now, I've been encouraging TntConnect users to put their database on Dropbox.  It not only allows you to keep your TntConnect database in sync between your multiple computers, but it also provides a constant off-site backup in the cloud.  And it works on both Mac and PC!  TntConnect embraces the use of Dropbox to a whole new level.

New to Dropbox?

You can sign up for Dropbox here!

TntConnect automatically handles "Dropbox Conflict" files

TntConnect was designed to expect Dropbox Conflict files and deal with them.  This way you don't lose anyone's work in TntConnect when they were disconnected from the Internet.  Now when you start TntConnect, if TntConnect finds a new conflict file, it will prompt you to deal with it:

Just make sure the box is checked for each conflict file and click "Auto-Sync".  Within a few seconds, you'll see this:

Now, your TntConnect database will have all the changes that would have otherwise been lost.

What if I don't have Dropbox?

TntConnect will help you get started.  Just pull up the "Dropbox" dialog.  There are two ways to do this.  Under the "File" menu, click on "Resolve Dropbox Conflicts".  Or click the Dropbox icon on the tool bar.


Now you should see this:

Click the first button and your web browser will pull up the Dropbox website here.  Follow the instructions to install Dropbox and/or create an account.  Once Dropbox is installed, you should see the Dropbox icon in your system tray (PC or Mac):

Back in TntConnect, the Dropbox dialog should have changed to this:

 Click the second button to automatically move your database to Dropbox.  It will move it to a "TntConnect" folder inside your Dropbox folder:


You can run this on all your computers (PC or Mac).  On all your other computers you can run this same procedure to get Dropbox installed and your database moved over.

Keep your eye on the Dropbox icon in TntConnect

If you ever see it turn red, you don't need to wait for TntConnect to prompt you.  Just click it and deal with those pesky "conflict file" right away!

What about Google Drive?

The problem with Google Drive is that if more than one person opens TntConnect at the same time and makes changes, Google will not create a "conflict file" for the person whose changes get lost.  This means that one person's changes will win, the other person's changes will be gone forever. 

So take this bit of advice and USE DROPBOX and DON'T USE GOOGLE DRIVE with TntConnect!

Recent Comments

By: Troy Wolbrink Posted on 17 Dec 2014 7:17 PM

Jacob, you are correct.  TntMPD syncing with Outlook on a PC is the only solution right now for syncing contacts in TntMPD with iCloud.

Byard, when you're in TntMPD (on your Mac or on your PC), under the "Help" menu, and click on "View System Info".  This will show you were your database file is located on your hard drive.  Make sure (on both computers) that it's the same file in your Dropbox folder.

By: BenjaminRenfro Posted on 22 Jun 2015 6:25 PM

I installed dropbox, but when I click the icon in Tnt it still tells my I need to install it.

By: Troy Wolbrink Posted on 8 Jul 2015 5:47 PM

Benjamin, I believe this is a bug in TntMPD that will be resolved in the next release.  For now, you'll have to manually install from

By: FransMalgo Posted on 2 Aug 2015 4:45 PM
100% of people found this useful

Same as Benjamin, after installing dropbox , the option 'Move my database to Dropbox ' doesn't work. Greetings

By: KennyHood Posted on 28 Jan 2016 9:02 PM

Same as Benjamin and Frans. Is this a Windows 10 issue? DropBox is installed, but not recognized by tntMPD.

By: MaryEllenKluck Posted on 8 Mar 2016 7:50 PM

Troy, we love TntMPD -- thanks for all your work!   What would happen if I unchecked the "Prevent multiple users at the same time (Dropbox Mode)" box?  Would it allow two users to simultaneously make changes -- and save both people's changes?   (Similar to how docs work in Google Drive?)  Or would some changes be lost?  Thanks!

By: Troy Wolbrink Posted on 23 Mar 2016 8:59 PM
100% of people found this useful

Hi Mary,

It would allow multiple people to work at the same time.  You'd get more Dropbox conflict files, but TntMPD 3.0+ can resolve these and merge changes.  The one downside is that if you delete something (like a task) it might come back when merging changes.  In other words, you wouldn't lose any data, you just might have it coming back when you wanted it gone.  A future version of TntConnect will deal with this, and then the option to prevent multiple users will go away.


By: JWhaley Posted on 8 Jun 2016 2:36 PM

I already have Dropbox but it keeps asking me to install it when I click on the Dropbox icon on TNT.  I have the latest version.  How can I connect TNT to my already existing Dropbox account?

By: Troy Wolbrink Posted on 8 Jun 2016 8:40 PM

Have you upgraded to TntConnect?

By: imachir Posted on 2 Apr 2018 4:39 PM

Can I backup my database to Dropbox without having the Dropbox application installed on my computer? Thanks - Ian

By: Troy Wolbrink Posted on 2 Apr 2018 5:37 PM

Ian, Dropbox must be installed.

By: Dave_Johnson Posted on 25 May 2018 5:29 AM

How dos this work to sync with my spouse if she has a different DropBox Account on her computer?

By: Paul Bowers Posted on 4 Jun 2018 7:54 PM


I've installed dropbox and followed the directions above and my database was saved on dropbox the other day. I've been playing around with it today trying to figure out what triggers it to get backed up on dropbox again. I made changes and have done a manual backup, and opened & closed the tnt program but I still haven't seen the file get updated on dropbox. Can you explain how that works? Thanks a lot!

By: Troy Wolbrink Posted on 5 Jun 2018 4:08 PM

Dave_Johnson, yes this will work between two different Dropbox accounts.  Share your "TntConnect" folder with your wife via Dropbox.  Then make sure your TntConnect database is within this shared folder.

By: Troy Wolbrink Posted on 5 Jun 2018 4:09 PM

Paul, you must close the TntConnect program before Dropbox can begin backing it up.  As long as TntConnect is open, it has a lock on the file, so Dropbox must wait.

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