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How can I merge to labels from Word:mac 2011? from Bob!

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First published by:
Troy Wolbrink
on 15 Nov 2011
Last revision by:
Troy Wolbrink
on 14 Jun 2013
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How can I merge to labels from Word:mac 2011?

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Under the "Tools" menu, click on "Microsoft Word:mac", then "Create Mail Merge".

You should specify that you want to merge to "Mailing Labels".

Once you're in Word, if the "Mail Merge Manager" doesn't appear, select it under the "Tools" menu.

First click on Create New which will reveal a drop down menu.  Select labels.

Click the button to "Add or remove placeholders".

You can drag the merge field into the sample address label that is shown.  Insert the "Mailing Address Block" merge field and click "OK".

 Now, you should be all set to merge to a new document, or you can merge directly to the printer.  These commands are available on bottom of the "Mail Merge Manager" under the "6: Complete the merge." section. You can either print the merged labels to a printer (leftmost icon) OR you can print to a file (2nd icon).


Recent Comments

By: allison d Posted on 14 Aug 2012 12:56 AM

NOTHING is working to mail merge.  Should I hand write the envelopes...TNT is only creating blank Mac Word documents.  It is as if there is no communication between TNT and Word.  

Under # select recipient list, the third item I am instructed to select, the envelope icon with a pencil,...

is not highlighted, there is no option to select it...

...I have four blank word documents with no access or option to select

the addresses I have.

By: Troy Wolbrink Posted on 17 Aug 2012 3:23 PM

DON'T hand write the envelopes!  :)  Check out on how to manually do a mail merge.  Try quitting Word:mac 2011 (Command+Q) and trying again.

By: Emily Posted on 28 Aug 2012 4:59 AM

Allison D: I updated the instructions.  Every month I spend and hour trying to figure out how I did it last month.  The instructions were missing a step.  I hope this helps!

By: Troy Wolbrink Posted on 29 Aug 2012 4:30 PM
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Thanks, Emily!

By: Dave Pritchett Posted on 26 Nov 2012 4:52 PM

Thanks, Emily! Your post is so helpful! Also, you can save your save your mail merged Word doc as a 'Mail Merge Favorite' so you don't have to figure it our again every month. Then it will show up as a selectable option when you go to Tools>Microsoft Word:Mac.

To do this go to Tools>Microsoft Word:Mac>Edit Mail Merge Favorites. When the window opens, click on 'New Row' if you need one. Then click in the Description field and enter the name of the Fav you are creating, like, Mailing Labels - Avery 5160. Then click in the Document (path) field and a little box with three dots will appear on the right. Click on it and it will open a browse window and you can select the Word doc you previously created for merging labels. Close the window once the file path is showing and you are done. Now you can see the Mail Merge Favorite in the menu box that opens when you select Tools>Microsoft Word:Mac!

By: Dave Lowe Posted on 13 Jun 2013 11:12 PM

I LOVE TntMPD but I get really frustrated trying to merge. I probably procrastinate by several days at least each time I do a mailing because it seems very complicated. I can never get it to work. I'm following the instructions exactly as they are given above but not getting any results. I am just staring at a blank MS Word page. If I had started hand-writing envelopes last night, I'd be done by now.

if there is someone who could give me better/more accurate help to get this thing working, I'd appreciate it. Using Word for Mac.

By: Dave Lowe Posted on 13 Jun 2013 11:23 PM

Ok, so I have since figure this thing out. Here are a few things that would be helpful for this article. First, it would be helpful if you said, "Drag the merge field into the sample address label that is shown." For example, drag Mailing_Address_Block into the sample label that is in the popup window.

Then, you should add this next step:

Once you've done that, you are ready for step 6: Complete the merge. You can either print the merged labels to a printer (leftmost icon) OR you can print to a file (2nd icon).

That last step is missing but very critical.


By: Troy Wolbrink Posted on 14 Jun 2013 5:45 PM

Thanks for your feedback, Dave.  I made the changes you requested to this article.

By: TheLexington Posted on 2 Oct 2014 10:56 PM

Is there a way to do this so you can print everything on the envelope? I was able to get the labels to work, but when I try to do an envelope it does not let me choose the "add or remove placeholders." Thanks.

By: mallory.brisson Posted on 11 Dec 2015 1:25 PM

It only has one address per page! How do I change it so that multiple addresses show up on the same page for printing/?

By: Troy Wolbrink Posted on 21 May 2016 3:52 AM

TheLexington, it sounds like you're not in a document setup for mail merge.

Mallory, in the Downloads section of this website, look for the pre-made Word docs for labels and merge to them.

By: jingmire Posted on 14 Jun 2017 8:55 PM

Well every month I have struggled with trying to print labels following the instructions step by step and usually getting it to work. But this month "NO BUENO".  I am using word 2011 for mac.

By: Troy Wolbrink Posted on 23 Jun 2017 11:06 PM

jingmire, please report your issue on the forums, if it's TntConnect related.  If you're just struggling with Word:mac, you might be better off finding a Microsoft Word help site.

By: Troy Wolbrink Posted on 23 Jun 2017 11:07 PM

Here's a video that might help:

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