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Session 19: Reports & Receipts



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Learn about DonorWise reports and when to run them.


A donation receipt is the most commonly used of many reports in DonorWise. Most of the reports can be broadly categorized in one of two ways:

1.Donation management reports to help the financial team manage the donation process.
2.Staff and ministry reports for designations to know the donations related to their designation.
3.Leadership reports that summarize donation activity in a variety of useful ways.

Reference Material

Printing Receipts

Reprinting Receipts



A receipt is an integral part of the accountability structure in any donation system. An effective receipting system ensures that all funds that enter the ministry have been accurately recorded. Receipts also benefit donors because it confirms the amount of their correction and that it was credited as the donor desired. Receipts typically contain a portion that can be returned with a subsequent gift, so a good receipting system can increase the amount of incoming donations.

There is some flexibility in the setup for receipt printing, such as whether receipts must be printed after each batch or not. But DonorWise does require a receipt to be printed for each contribution.

DonorWise comes with a number of built-in reports designed to meet the needs of a financial team, staff members, department heads, and ministry leadership.



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