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Session 16: Bank Import



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Overview the bank import process and prepare a bank import file template.


In many countries, most donations are received by bank transfer or some other electronic means. Since these gifts are often recurring donations, DonorWise has a bank import tool which allows a template to be created. The bank file can be imported, donations identified, and a donation batch created. Depending on the number of donations, the bank import process can save a ministry many hours of data entry every month.

Reference Material

Batch Import Files

Import Profile

Import Batch Assignment


Import Profile. The template that is created which allows a bank import to be repeated each month.

Cross References. The assignment of individual lines in the bank file to specific donors and designations.

Derived Fields. A way of converting cryptic bank information into information that DonorWise can recognize.

Note: When a donor gives a donation to multiple designations, those lines must be edited manually after the import and before testing. At this time, DonorWise cannot identify multiple designations in a profile.


Create an import profile for the bank file.

Assign cross references and derived fields.

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