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Session 12: Ministry Tree



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Explain the purpose of the Ministry Tree and how to modify it.


The Ministry Tree reflects the structure of the ministry. The Ministry Tree structure is used in lookups and reports.

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Ministry Tree


A principle in wise financial management is accountability. DonorWise promotes accountability by creating a distinct structure for all designations.

Designations fall into two types: Ministries and Staff. A "ministry" designation is be any non-staff designation, such as an office, department, team, building fund, scholarship account, etc.

All staff and ministry designations roll up to a higher level of accountability, ultimately to the entire ministry itself.

The ministry tree structure can have non-designation numbers in it. For example, the folders where the designation numbers are placed are not designation numbers. The picture below is an example of a ministry tree.


Create a ministry tree structure for Genovia:


George Knightly (National Director)

Campus Ministry

University of Metropolis

Mickey & Minnie Mouse (Director)

Fitzwilliam Darcy

Jane Bennet

University of Metropolis Scholarship

Gotham University

William & Charlotte Collins (Director)

Elizabeth Bennet

Charles Bingley

Misaki Kimura


GCTC [designation]

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