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Country Info

This feature facilitates the powerful features that DonorWise employs to make it easy to use DonorWise internationally.

Default Country

Which country DonorWise assumes a contact is in when entered.

Mailing From Country

Which country your letters are produced in.

Addresses outside of this country will have their country in the Mailing Address Block.

Letters sent within this country will not have the country in the Mailing Address Block.

Manually Edit Country Info

You can manually update specific information about a country, including the way Greetings, Full Names, and Addresses are stored in the DonorWise database. (This does not change how they are entered into the database.)

Update Country Info from File

Periodically DonorWise developers will prepare an updated file of country information. When you receive this file, press this button to import it. (Typically you would receive an update with a periodic upgrade.)

Display the country code in local phone numbers

By default this box is not checked, because the country code is typically not dialed in local phone numbers

Data Entry

How names and addresses are entered varies from country to country.

Name Entry Order

Address Entry Order

You can modify the order in which names and addresses are entered to fit the common way in your country.

You can change the data entry order by pressing the appropriate button.

List Tables

This list allows you to create and edit the items for the User Domain lists.

Read More > Personal Info Tab

Search Engine Options

You can modify the "weight" the DonorWise search engine uses to apply to different fields. There are 10 name fields and 4 address fields.

This button causes DonorWise to rebuild its name and address store for this database and can improve search performance.



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