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Lookup Favorites

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Lookup Favorites

Although most lookups will be used once and then not again, any Lookup can be saved as a favorite. Once a Lookup is added as a favorite, it will appear on the list in the menu.

Menu Path: Lookup | Favorites | Add Current Lookup to Favorites


(Required) Name of this item.


(Optional) By entering a name in this box, you are creating a Category. This allows you to add other items to the same category.


The name of the DonorWise user who created this item.


By checking this box, you are saving this item for your use only. If the box is unchecked, the lookup will be available to all DonorWise users in your organizations.

Lookup Category example

Renaming or deleting favorites

Menu Path: Lookup | Favorites | Edit Lookup Favorites

Favorites can be modified (name or category) or deleted from the Lookup Dialog Box.

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