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Setting up a new Saved Group



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Setting up a new Saved Group

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Setting up a new Saved Group

In this example, we will set up a Saved Group called "Friends with Superpowers" that identifies all the members of our ToonTown database who have special superpowers.

1.Select the <View Groups> link.

2.Since this is your first group, your entire Groups screen will be blank:

3.Press the <New Group> button.

4.Enter a name for your group. Type "Friends with Superpowers".


(Required) Name of this item.


(Optional) By entering a name in this box, you are creating a Category. This allows you to add other items to the same category.


The name of the DonorWise user who created this item.


By checking this box, you are saving this item for your use only. If the box is unchecked, the lookup will be available to all DonorWise users in your organizations.

5.You will now see the full Groups View, which has three panels.

Column 1

Saved Groups

The list of all your Saved Groups.

Column 2

Members of:

The members of the selected Saved Group.

Column 3

Select contacts from

Several options for you to compare your Saved Group for the purpose of adding or removing members.

All contacts

Everyone in your database

Current Group

Whatever the Current Group is at this moment (on the View Contacts screen)

Saved Group

Any other Saved Group

Lookup Favorite

The contacts who would be selected after you ran a favorite lookup

Column 4

Contacts to add:

The list of all contacts in the comparison list.

Press the <Group Editing Tools> button.

This will toggle the group editing columns on or off.

6.Select "All contacts". Then select the contacts from the list on the right.

Press the <Add Selected> button.

7.Notice that the contacts in the right are now grayed out and italicized. This indicates that these contacts are in the group.

8.Press the <Lookup contacts in this group> button.

9.Finally, you can view which Saved Groups any contact is a member of by clicking on the Groups Tab.

Comments on this Help Topic

Janson wrote re: Setting up a new Saved Group
on 20 May 2022 5:32 AM

Hi, I have an issue here after I created a New Database, I did not see <View Group> link at the side panel, what can I do? I am using DonorWise ver 4.0.13

Troy Wolbrink wrote re: Setting up a new Saved Group
on 1 Sep 2022 9:37 PM

In the "Manage Users" screen, add the "Contact Manager" role to your account.

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