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Change Log Tab

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The Change Log is a record of key changes made to a contact. Not all changes will be be logged.

One use of this information is as a reference when a donor calls asking a question about some change they requested.


Refreshes the change information. The <Refresh> button updates items in the Change Log since the databased was opened this day.

Created By

Name of the DonorWise user who created this contact.

Edited By

Name of the DonorWise user who last edited this contact.

Created Date

Date this contact was created.

Edited Date

Date of the most recent edit.

Name Last Update

Date this contact's name was last updated (any of the names).

Main Address Last Update

Date this contact's preferred address was last updated.

Main Phone Last Update

Date this contact's preferred phone number was last updated.

Main Email Last Update

Date this contact's preferred email was updated.

Change Log table lists all of the edits made on this contact.


Who made the change on this row.


Date of this change.


Which field changed.

Previous Value

What was changed. Former value then "->" then new value.

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