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An assessment is a portion of a gift allocated towards administration. Since administration does not generally have designated funding, they are funded via a portion of the gifts given to ministries that are funded through donations.

Assessments are typically based partially on the designation receiving the gifts. For example, gifts given to staff members may have one type or percentage of assessments, while gifts given to a ministry project may have a different assessment scheme. Assessment policies should be set by the top leaders in the organization.

Assessment Schemes are made up of three items:


A short name that is used in conjunction with a Designation.

Each designation must have an assessment scheme, though the assessment scheme can be 0%.

Length limited to 10 characters.


A longer name that more adequately describes the assessment scheme.

Total Percent

The total percentage of all items within an assessment scheme.


Each assessment scheme can be comprised of several smaller percentages that are distributed to other responsibility centres. This distribution takes place on each donation journal.

Setting up an assessment

1.Select <Assessments> from the <Accounting> menu.

2.Press the <Insert> button.

3.Type in a Code and a Description.

Press this button if you inadvertently add a blank row.

4.At this point, the assessment percentage is still zero. You create the percentage by filling out the distribution box below the assessment schemes. Click on the code or description you just entered. On the lower panel you will see the distributions for the selected assessment.

5.Select a RC to assign a distribution to, then select a percentage.

6.Press the <Save Changes> button.

Payment Type Assessments

Designations are designed to have only one assessment scheme per designation. However, certain payment types (typically credit card) have additional fees associated with them that are similar to an assessment. The easiest way to recoup these fees is to charge them at the time of the gift. They will appear as an additional assessment, but only apply when the selected payment type is chosen.

Creating a Payment Type-specific Assessment

1.Select the Assessments link

2.Insert the desired assessment schemes and percentages

3.Select the Payment Types link

4.Insert the payment type and add the assessment scheme

Comments on this Help Topic

arabellacheng wrote re: Assessments
on 5 Dec 2014 6:21 PM


I'm wondering if there's a way in DonorWise to track the admin fees that we pay to PayPal for a donation transaction, for that donor.

For example, if a donor makes a $100 donation via PayPal, we only receive $98 from PayPal.

However, if we want to give the donor a tax-receipt for $50, but also want to reflect that there was a $2 admin charge, is that possible?

I'm not sure if the Payment Assessments are a part of this.



Troy Wolbrink wrote re: Assessments
on 6 Dec 2014 5:40 PM

The payment-type-specific assessment scheme would allow you to charge the receiving staff or project (designation) for the $2 charge.  But this would not show up on the receipt to the donor.  The donor will see the total amount they gave.  But I'll keep your idea in mind!

arabellacheng wrote re: Assessments
on 9 Dec 2014 5:08 PM

We actually don't want the $2 charge to show up for the donor. We want them to see the full amount they gave (sorry that should have read $100 on my post).

Where would we see the $2 charge in DonorWise, and would this be on a per transaction basis? As transactions with PayPal have both a % charge, as well as a flat rate transaction charge (e.g. $0.20 per transaction), so we couldn't just set a 2% charge for all PayPal transactions.

What is a project (designation)?


arabellacheng wrote re: Assessments
on 12 Dec 2014 5:30 PM

Hi Troy.

I think I understand a bit more about the assessments now, and believe that may be what we're looking for. However, I still have a question with regards to the transaction charge from PayPal, that is on top of the 2% standard rate they charge. Is there a way to account for the transaction charge in DW?



Troy Wolbrink wrote re: Assessments
on 17 Dec 2014 7:12 PM

I think a "Payment Type-specific Assessment" is what you're referring to.  You could set this to 2%, for example, for PayPal.  But the exact charge from PayPal would probably never hit DonorWise.  It would be in your Accounting program GL.

Tyndale Bible Translators wrote re: Assessments
on 1 May 2019 11:24 PM

If our assessment amounts go into our general fund, do we need to have an RC code (class for Quickbooks, tag for Aplos) for the General Fund account?  

Troy Wolbrink wrote re: Assessments
on 2 May 2019 5:23 PM

Yes, you'll need an RC (which represents a "fund" within your fund accounting system) to represent your General Fund.  For many ministries, this is 0000.  But you can call it whatever you want.

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