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How To Use OCR (Optical Character Recognition) With DonorWise

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How To Use OCR (Optical Character Recognition) With DonorWise

Why did we start using OCR technology?

 It saves us time by combining several processes 

  • You import a batch of check donations through a CSV file instead of keying each one into the system.
  • The scanning process makes a copy of the check, endorses the check, and sets up the CSV file for import.

It makes record keeping and retrieval more efficient by storing the check image and return receipt in an electronic file that can be easily searched, printed or emailed.

What do you need to start using this technology?

You have to edit your receipt so that it prints a scan line at the bottom of the return receipt that includes the Donor ID, Designation ID, Last Gift Amount in a font call OCR-A.  We were able to hire a contractor to make the edits for us using Crystal Reports. Cost us about $160.

You would need to purchase the software and check scanner. 

  • EZ-Scan Pro Software
  • Cannon CR-80 check scanner
  • Cost us about $4000 with a yearly cost of about $630 for updates and support

What are the steps when you scan a batch?

For personal checks-Open your checks and put them in a stack with return receipt follow by related check.

For bank checks, which arrive from the bank without a return receipt, I have an alphabetical file of printed return receipts for each bank check donor.  I sort the bank check by last name then find the related return receipt from my file and stack with return receipt follow by related check.

Turn on the check scanner and open the software and provide the details of the new batch.  I look in Donor Wise to see want the next batch number should be and label my batches in EZ-Scan accordingly.

Scan the checks.

Verify the batch-this is a process the software walks you through to be sure you have the correct data.

Print the batch deposit report-a list of all the checks, amounts and totals the batch.  I include this with my deposits to the bank.

Export the data to a CSV file

Edit the CSV file-simple process of removing some lines you do not need.

Import the batch file into Donor Wise 

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